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1400000 Xrp Stolen Via Fake Chrome Extension

Ledger wallet users, be careful! Some malicious agents are currently stealing your wallets for support. According to information released by a Twitter account, so far, 3.1.2 Ripple units have been stolen through a fake plug-in. According to bitcoinist, a warning was issued on March 24 on the xrplorer forensics Twitter account. The tweet said that the 200,000 XRP token was stolen last month via a fake Google Chrome browser extension. The plug-in, called Ledger Live , steals victims’ wallet recovery terms so they can access the assets in the wallet.

Watch out for the fake plugin XRP

This Twitter account only accesses information on Token XRP, but warned that all digital currencies are at risk:

We do not have access to other currency data. But for precaution, never download a tool other than what you’ve officially received from the seller for your hardware wallet.

A few hours later this XRP tracker released another alarming tweet, and it was found that the initial figures did not resemble the actual figure. In fact, the affected ripples amount to over 1.4 million tokens.

By analyzing the information, it was found that almost all the stolen tokens were collected at one address and remained intact. Some of these funds have recently been sold on the “HitBTC” currency exchange. This digital currency exchange has not yet taken an official position on these events.

This warning is not just for Ripple owners or even Ledger wallet users. This is a warning to all crypto activists. Keeping in mind that in the second year 2019, more than 4.5$ billion has been stolen in the digital currency space, you should always follow the best online practices for protecting your digital assets .

This means that to access your account in a wallet or currency, never click on the links sent to you by email, never download the plug-in unless you trust the source and the official pages Bookmark the platforms so you can easily find them.

Many hackers and crooks are trying to steal your assets in the digital currency space. Don’t make them easier.

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