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3AC liquidators seek time, access to headquarters as Genesis, Algorand ties are untangled

The liquidators of failed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) have filed an application in the High Court of Singapore for a stay on claims against 3AC and access to the company’s Singapore headquarters. The liquidators said in the 1,157-page document that a court decision is needed in light of the number of legal proceedings that may arise in the near future and the “virtual radio silence from the management/directors of the Company.”

According to the July 9 application, the Singapore office may contain cold wallets or information on how to access 3AC trading accounts, which the liquidators want to access before any of it is removed or destroyed. The application lists previous unsuccessful efforts to obtain information from company directors Su Zhu and Kyle Davies and their representatives.

Details of 3AC’s financial woes continue to emerge. According to The Street, 3AC’s biggest creditor, trader Genesis Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, loaned 3AC $2.36 billion.

That is a far greater sum than previously reported. It was already known that the loan had an 80% margin, and Genesis began selling off collateral immediately when 3AC missed a margin call.

Algorand also appeared on the list of 3AC creditors.

The location of Zhu and Davies is currently unknown. Zhu took to Twitter on July 12 to complain that “our good faith to cooperate with the Liquidators was met with baiting.” He may appear at the 3AC creditors’ meeting scheduled for Monday, however, since he is filing a $5 million claim against the company, according to a tweet by DrSoldmanGachs. Zhu is the co-founder and CEO of 3AC.

In addition to Zhu’s claim, 3AC investment manager ThreeAC Limited is making a $25 million claim, DrSoldmanGachs continues in the thread. Kyle Davies’ wife, Kelli Kali Chen, is reportedly seeking a claimed $65.7 million debt in the same filing in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. A court in the British Virgin Islands ordered 3AC into liquidation on June 27.

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