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5 Reasons To Be Happy If You Hodl Bitcoin

In times like these days when uncertainty and uncertainty reign over the future, there is little reason to be happy. But with the spread of chaos and disorder and the adoption of social evasion policies by governments, you should be happy if you are one of those who keep bitcoin. In this article published in Bitcoin, here are five reasons why you should be happy about investing in Bitcoin.

These five reasons are:

  1. Bitcoin does not lose its value.
  2. Hawking bitcoin is ahead.
  3. No one can take Bitcoin from you.
  4. If you have 0.28 Bitcoin, you are richer than the other 99% of Bitcoin investors.
  5. Bitcoin has just been separated from solidarity with global markets.

Bitcoin does not lose its value

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the spread of the Coronavirus is that no one is asking why the government is printing so much money.

A few days ago, the Financial Times wrote in a report:

Andrew Bailey, the new head of the Bank of England, has announced that the bank will print unlimited amounts of money through paper trading facilities to counter the effects of the corona virus, and if there is further demand from the government, It will continue to do so.

What will the central banks’ thirst for printing unsecured money entail? Widespread devaluation of world currencies, widespread inflation and ultimately a decline in purchasing power.

But bitcoins has a limited number. This digital currency will never lose its value and will become more valuable over time.

3. Halving Bitcoins is ahead

Last month, when bitcoin prices were above $10,000, we were very optimistic about Hawking. But now Hawing is like a double-edged sword. If we do not see a tangible price increase until Hawking, small bitcoins miners will probably be out of the mining short term. But according to forecasts, one should hope for Hawing.

Famous analyst Thomas Lee believes that the price of bitcoins will reach $40,000 by the end of this year. Max Keiser predicts a 400,000$  for the near future. According to previous Hawking patterns, bitcoin prices could reach $70,000 after 12 to 18 months [which is not certain, of course]. Keep this in mind as the financial markets decline.

2. No one can take Bitcoin from you

Many people are familiar with the bitter experience of confiscating their property from banks and financial institutions. But in the world of digital currency, you are the real owner of your assets, provided you have the right storage principles and keep your assets out of digital currency exchanges.

If you store your bitcoins on valid (cold) wallets offline, no one can take them from you or impose a limit on the number of your transactions. Unlike various branches of American banks, which are worried about the increase in cash withdrawal in the days when the coronary artery has ruled the community. Tatiana Koffman tweeted:

At present, the daily cash withdrawal ceiling of US banks is $3000 and is expected to decline as the current trend intensifies.

No government official or central bank can suddenly reduce the value of your bitcoins with the sudden decision to offer more units.

2. If you have 0.28 Bitcoins, you are wealthier than 99%

Remember that your view of bitcoin should be long-term. As Fiat currencies appear to be on the verge of collapse, with the emergence of crises, more and more people are turning their eyes to reality. Bitcoins will prove its worth as the ultimate and ultimate version of money in our age. Bitcoins are scarce, universally accessible, and require no authorization to use it.

When that happens, if you only have 0.28 bits, only 1% of the world has more bits than you.

2. Bitcoins have just been separated from solidarity with global markets

In the pressure of selling out of fear of the Coronavirus, no market survived, not even gold. Bitcoins was no exception. But it must be admitted that Bitcoin is the only asset that has experienced a 20% growth in the last 24 hours amid this bad news. This can be a reason for bitcoins investors’ happiness. [Bitcoin has now recovered about 80% of its recent crash.]

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