Monday 17 January 2022
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65000 btc

64000 Bitcoin Accumulated On Anonymous Wallet

The whale’s unidentified wallet, which recently borrowed huge sums of money from the Huobi CryptoCurrency Exchange, now boasts of 64,000 bitcoin worth more than $4275 million.

According to UToday, the anonymous wallet at ” 3D8qAoMkZ8F1b42btt2Mn5TyN7sWfa434A ” has received enormous transactions three times from Hubei’s digital currency exchange. The amount of bitcoins received is divided into several transactions each time, each of which carries about 1000 bitcoin.

Bitcoin has risen about 14% in the past two to three days and is now at $6700.

At the end of last week, the wallet received 14,000 BTC, more than $ 93 million. On Monday, another 15,000 Bitcoin, worth more than $100 million, was transferred to this wallet.

On Tuesday, the wallet received a further 9000 BTC. This amount was transmitted in 9 transactions (each 1000 bit transaction) per hour.

At the time of this writing, this wallet, whose owner is unknown, has more than 65000 bitcoin units, according to surveys at

Tradesmen see it as an upside signal when investors withdraw their assets from large currency exchanges and transfer them to anonymous wallets.

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