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Crypto Safe

7 Pro Tips For Keeping Your Crypto Safe

Protect your Crypto assets from fires, floods, phishing, forgetting and other natural disasters.

Nick Dadson says:

If you act wisely, you will make progress.

In the village of Ettinghausen in Switzerland, there is a mountain of granite stones that is now one of the world’s most secret information centers. About 3 meters inside the mountain, there was an old military shelter that, after being rebuilt, turned into cold space and covered with steel walls. Inside this cool space is secure anti-spyware hardware that holds the private keys of people who have very valuable encrypted assets looking for peace of mind. A very powerful security system protects this site.

These security measures may seem a bit extreme to you, but the truth is that attack vectors are very much in the crypto graphic space: fake accounts, crooks, extortionists, extortionists and friends of fraud are all examples of these attack vectors. Certainly, users cannot quickly detect fake accounts.

Vitalic Butrini (creator of Ethereum ) says:

A fraudster only needs 5 minutes to copy someone else’s account image. So never trust someone who asks you for money on Twitter or even offers you money.

On the social media of Fake Vitalics, Joseph Lobin (co-founder of Ethereum and Consensys ) is very much a liar and the like. Who can really see the correctness of these names in the media at a glance? Someone who is fast surfing on Twitter may be mistaken as soon as @etlhereumJoseph  sees it and does not notice that this account has two letters t and h that letter l indicates fake.

Many users still keep most of their encrypted assets online in centralized online wallets in centralized currency exchanges, which we all know many have been unaffected by over the years 2014: the most important of which is the inhumane hacking of Mt.Gox pointed out that the hackers disappeared with about 740000 bitcoin, while the recently hacked Bitfinx lost almost 120000 bitcoin.

In addition, the old threats are still in place: fire and forgetting are two of these threats. You may not believe it, someone accidentally dumped $ 9 million bitcoin. As you can see, attack vectors can be very simple and unpredictable.

The problem is that the methods of storing Ramos are in many cases not safe. Ramos may be lost in any simple way. For example, 2609 bitcoins per the year 2011 at Mt.Gox just disappeared due to a script error. Blockchain gives us the freedom to be our own bank. Of course, since we’ve been living in situations where we want centralized institutions to manage all our issues for us, this may be a little worrying. But it’s time to get to know more about security measures for storing Ramos.

Fortunately, Nick Dadsen (founder of BoardRoom now known as GovernX) has just released a gate book entitled “Professional Tips for Managing the Atrium Wallet,” a comprehensive guide for both inexperienced and those with aluminum caps. (People who wore aluminum helmets believed that these helmets could protect their minds from external threats such as mind control, reading of thoughts, and magnetic waves).

Dadsen’s personal security measures look exactly like the “Snowden Dress Pattern”. الگوی لباس اسنودنEdward Snowden was a former CIA and NSA employee who disclosed documents that the US National Security Agency had intercepted and violated the privacy of individuals. Snowden’s pattern of clothing is a type of blanket that, like the blanket, covers the entire computer monitor and everything related to it, as shown below. The template says that only in this case can you safeguard your encrypted assets in any way. But the purpose is to empower users and not to scare them. He wants to strike a balance between ease and security. Dadson believes that too many layers of security can be ineffective because it will eventually confuse you while trying to access your Crypto. Dadson gives you the resources to decide for yourself how complex your security system is.

Caution: Gathering these professional tips may cause concern that hackers and crooks are now focusing on any security tools or measures recommended here. That’s right, but you have to be alert. Blockchain opens our hands to different choices. As Dodson writes: “If you act wisely, you will make progress.”

Seven Crypto Currency Security Tips

Know the attack vectors

Identify the enemy. Beware of the ” middle man attack ” or indeed those trying to get between you and your destination.

Fraudulent sites or fake websites that disguise themselves as reputable sites these days have learned how to look completely safe and normal. Double-check the URLs. However, it is best to bookmark your encrypted sites and always use the same bookmarks to avoid having to double-check addresses. MetaMask can blacklist your simulated MyEtherWallet addresses or addresses.

A professional tip for keeping digital currencies safe

Confirm the download of the software and do not allow any software to be installed on your system. Older versions of Tails are no longer suitable, use newer ones. The attack on the middle man may even be real: Someone lost all his life savings because he gave his password recovery password to an eBay fraudster. So always buy the wallet directly from its manufacturer. Now suppose you’ve checked the URLs and they’re all valid and valid. But how do you know that no one has hacked your WiFi and forged your DNS to redirect you to different IPs? Safety calculations are just like chess. You should always assume that your opponent is smarter than you.

Select Powerful Passwords

A professional tip for keeping digital currencies safe

Never use a birth date, street address, favorite song lyrics, and so on for a password. Even if you use sloppy letters on the keyboard, it may still go away, as lockers can guess 2 billion passwords per second. Use a random password generator to create a strong cryptic phrase or buy a hardware wallet that will provide you with powerful keys and signatures. It is best to use multiple passwords. Multi-signature wallets like Gnosis’ require multiple keys to validate and validate transactions. Also use a two-step authentication code for email, exchanges, and more. Waiting for texting may be annoying, but this two-step verification method is more secure than other methods

Use offline (cold) storage

A professional tip for keeping digital currencies safe

One of the most important security measures to keep in mind is that you keep most of your encrypted assets cold (ie, AirPage and Offline). Keep only some of it in online currency exchanges and wallets, so it’s not too much to lose. You can also create an AirPage computer and run the Tails operating system offline, by removing the network card from your PC or laptop. You can buy a hardware wallet. When generating the seed phrase (password statement), plug your hardware wallet into a wall outlet to keep it cool (offline). If you’re still not comfortable, cover your laptop’s microphone and camera and take out any electronic devices!

Test everything

A professional tip for keeping digital currencies safe

To practice, it’s best to start with a small portion of your assets in a test network. Never type URLs manually. If you think it’s too extreme, it’s not bad to know that more than 12000 Ethereum is lost forever just because of typographical errors. Instead of manually typing, use methods like copy and paste, Ethereum Name Service or QR code scanning. Make sure your scan app is secure. double-check the identicon destination address so you don’t select the wrong avatar. Test the seed statement before transferring any Crypto assets to your hardware wallet. If you are setting up an AirPage computer before and after downloading data to the memory card, record and double-check the MD5 encoded check (MD5 checksum). (Coded checksums are used to check the accuracy of the information at the destination.)

Store your passwords on different devices and locations

A professional tip for keeping digital currencies safe

A standard Bip39 seed expression is a rare 24-word string from which you can create a private key. Take care of this seed as much as you can. If you are writing it on paper, write two of it and keep it in separate places. A memory card is also a good option, but it rarely lasts up to 5 years and can be easily wiped with electromagnetic pulses. Use both analog and digital methods to make sure. It has been seen that some people hit the word seed on steel. Store each piece of seed in a secure, separate place. Remember to carefully record the steps so that you or your heir can rebuild the seed later.

Stay true to “justified denial.”

A professional tip for keeping digital currencies safe

Plausible deniability in the field of crypto graphy means the ability to hide certain information. Never talk to anyone about your assets, and don’t say on social media about any money exchanges where you keep all your crypto graphic assets. Don’t just keep your crypto graphic assets online. You can hide your accounts under different HD paths in your hardware wallets so nobody can access them. Also, minimize the risk of disclosure by distributing your assets in different wallets.

Help improve the ecosystem by improving your accuracy

۷ نکته‌ی حرفه‌ای برای ایمن نگه‌داشتن ارزهای دیجیتال

Dodson concludes the gate book by introducing four different levels of wallet configuration. The fourth level is the most accurate user. It’s up to you to decide how accurate you want to be. But remember: Your security choices affect not only you but the ecosystem as well. If you don’t use 2-step authentication and someone has access to your email (for example, if you used a cafe computer or anywhere and forgot to close your Gmail), if someone accesses your private network yourself You’re to blame. So try to raise your level. Try out the hardware wallets, the Tails offline operating system, and multiple signatures. Talk to your friends about offline storage like a hardware wallet. Help the community by identifying and bookmarking fraudulent sites and fake accounts. Dodson’s professional tips are a gift to the ecosystem, and we can help contribute to the ecosystem by publishing them.


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