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Authtrail Launches Invitation-Only Community Round To Allocate 30 Million $AUT Tokens

Authtrail, the Moonbeam Network-based data integrity SaaS platform, has revealed its first invitation-only community round token event to spark even more widespread adoption of its platform. Per the Authtrail team, this community round is a one-time opportunity for investors and contributors to acquire the platform’s native $AUT token at a lower price than the upcoming public crowd sale.

Following its successful fundraising round in 2021, where it raised $3.6 million from a multitude of investors and venture capital firms, the Authtrail team aims to raise as much as $6 million from the community round by distributing 20% of the maximum supply of 150,000,000 AUT tokens. The upcoming community round empowers users to gain the first access to the AUT token at just $0.20 per token – half the issuance price of the token for the public crowd sale.

There will be two rounds in the community round event. The first round is only open to the first thousand whitelisted participants, with minimum contributions starting at $1,000 and maximum amounts capped at $5,000 per user. The second round is open to all whitelisted participants, with minimum contributions starting at $1,000. There is no upper bound for purchases during the second round, and the only ceiling is the total amount available.

Funds raised from the community round event will be used to increase mainstream adoption of Authtrail and its suite of products within global enterprises. However, the community round event is only accessible to Authtrail community members and requires whitelisting. If you’re already part of the community, you can register your account on the official website. Importantly, the community round isn’t open to residents from the United States, Canada, China, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Singapore, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the People’s Republic of Crimea Region of Ukraine.

Enabling Global Enterprises Leverage The Power Of Blockchain

As one of the few projects in the blockchain space able to bridge the old economy with Web 3.0, Authtrail is taking data management to a whole new level. By design, Authtrail offers a suite of blockchain-powered tools that enterprises can use in a user-friendly, intuitive, and cost-effective manner to ensure and inspect data integrity.

The Authtrail ecosystem offers a blockchain-based data integrity SaaS platform and adjacent

applications that facilitate a faster, safer, and more reliable way to verify enterprise data. At the same time, the platform also enables traceability of transactions by allowing users to track the execution of individual operations within the data generation process. As a result, it has positioned itself as an easy-to-use and highly affordable enterprise-grade SaaS solution.

To optimize their services even further, the Authtrail team recently migrated their product from Ethereum to the Moonbeam Network. Harnessing the inherent features of Moonbeam and Polkadot, Authtrail ensures fast transaction throughput, user-friendliness, and low transaction fees. Additionally, it also takes advantage of Polkadot’s embedded interoperability and shared security features, as well as Moonbeam Network’s on-chain governance, cross-chain integrations, and staking features.

Authtrail is powered by its native $AUT token, which acts as credits for executing transactions on the platform and also serves as the de facto utility token for the protocol. It is important to note that the AUT token model is deflationary. This means that when the tokens are burned after use, the total supply decreases. This, in turn, reduces the total amount of the utility token in circulation, helping bolster the value of the AUT token. As such, the community round is the most cost-effective method for community members to obtain the AUT token and join Authtrail’s journey towards becoming a go-to solution for enterprise data management.

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