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Decentralized Exchanges

Best Decentralized Exchanges Dex

Are you afraid of someone stealing your digital currencies? Looking for a much safer place to store your currencies? If yes, then our concerns are the same! Concentrated exchanges are good, but not the best in terms of security. In addition, we all know the stories behind Mt.Gox and Bitfinex and their hacking. we gonna help you to choose your Decentralized Exchanges.

The main problems of centralized currency exchange:

Centralized Asset Control

In most currency exchanges, the currency purchased is stored in the wallet of that site and you must submit a withdrawal request to receive it, which has a separate fee. But apart from the problem of withdrawal fees, the most important problem of these exchanges is centralized currency reserves. You may think this is an advantage, but it is actually a big risk for users. What happened to the Beatbox and millions of dollars in blocking users’ accounts. Of course, this problem may be resolved.

In centralized exchanges, the private key is the wallet. So there is no real ownership of these sites for you, and a money launderer or hacker can access your wallets if they infiltrate.


This problem is related to the above. Currency storage requires high security of servers to protect users’ capital. It has happened many times that big money exchanges have been hacked and many currencies have been stolen.

High exchange fees

Centralized exchanges receive relatively large commissions from users for each transaction. In addition, in most currency exchanges, some fees are charged to withdraw funds from the account, which reduces profits.

But, nevertheless, we are bound to use centralized currency exchanges, which tarnish the core concepts of the decentralized economy of digital currencies. You read that right, we have to use them because there is no other option and decentralized exchanges are under construction, but rest assured, more people will enter the business without worrying about their assets and assets being safe. As we said before, decentralized exchanges will be the future of the world of digital currencies. That’s why we decided to introduce you to the best-decentralized currency exchanges you can do now. Continue with digital pricing .

Waves Dex

Weiss is short for “Waves“, one of the subdivisions of Weiss digital currency and its China blockchain. This currency exchange provides you with both a centralized and decentralized structure, a secure and high-speed service unit.

By doing so, using the decentralized world, security will be achieved for you through centralized speed-of-service services. So Wizdeux uses both options to improve.

This decentralized currency exchange allows users to exchange bitcoin, ٍthereum, and other currencies with token viruses or other tokens on the platform.

At present, bitcoin trading volume is 172 bitcoin.

Note: When signing up for Visex Dix, keep in mind your backup phrase, as it will be your only way to recover your funds.

OpenLedger Dex

Open Ledger is a Danish blockchain-based company offering a decentralized digital currency market.

The company offers a variety of services to its customers by providing a decentralized currency exchange called Open Ledger Disk and utilizing Bit Layer technology.

It is very easy to open an account at this currency exchange and you do not need any special invitations or registration. You only need to remember your username and password, as you can only enter the exchange with these two terms. Your password in this exchange will almost look like this:


The Ledger Dax’s current trading volume is 320 Bitcoin, which is very suitable for this 120 digit currency backed currency.

CryptoBridge Dex

Cryptobridge is one of the new names in the digital currency exchange market. This decentralized currency exchange operates based on the Bitchir network and is capable of supporting most digital currencies. You are the only person with access to your funds with your own private keys.

This exchange is unique in that it has unique selling options:

Having your own private tokens called BCO.

Giving fifty percent of profits to BCO holders.

Due to powerful servers, no bugs have been reported so far.

The process of signing in to your account is also very easy. Just choose a username that no one has ever chosen. Your password will also be encrypted. Like the example below:


The current trading volume of this mere 32 bitcoins, with 21 currencies supported.


Using a peer-to-peer mechanism, this currency exchange provides the perfect platform for currencies such as bitcoin. This currency exchange is completely decentralized, so there is no need for a user ID or email verification or even email importing.

Due to being completely anonymous, it uses TOR and does not maintain any digital currency or back-end money on its servers.

The currency exchange currently supports 126 currencies (including Bitcoin) and Windows, Mac and Likonos platforms. The volume of exchanges in this currency, according to eleven exchangeable currencies, is 4 bits.

It should be noted that the name has changed to Bitcoin due to copyright issues.


Stellar Dex

We all know Stellar with its own China blockchain and its digital value; now the company seems to have stepped up to create a decentralized currency exchange.

To use this currency exchange, you need to create a key Jeff. This key pair includes:

It is a public key. The public key is used to authenticate an account and receive funds.

A secret key: A secret key is used to access accounts and perform transactions. With this key, everyone will be able to access your funds.

By creating a key pair, you get a key that looks like this:


After logging into your account, your public key will be shown to you to enable up to 20 transactions in your account.

The current trading volume is 22 Bitcoins.


Final word

There are also other decentralized exchanges that are not named because of security problems or less money. Including :

  • Bancor liquidity exchange
  • EtherDelta
  • Counterparty Exchange
  • district0x
  • BarterDex

These exchanges, with whatever bad or bad situation they have at present, maybe waiting for a bright future.


Decentralized exchanges do not require specific emails and specifications. Usually, these exchanges give you a private key or you confirm a password for your account. Note that the keys and passwords must be kept in a safe place. If you lose your password or private key in currency exchange, your access to your funds will be lost.


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