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Bitcoin Miner Stumbles Upon 8m Stash From 2010 Sells Before Crash

The person who mined Bitcoin for entertainment years ago found an old wallet that contained 1000 Bitcoin, and the same number of bitcoin forks.

On March 10, a post by a user calling himself “newcomer” was published on the Beat Quicken Talk community, according to the Cointelegraph. He claimed he returned to the world of digital currency after a long hiatus and sought help to regain his old bitcoins.

This person, «whoamisoon», claimed to have mined a few years ago with a graphics card, and recently found a USB flash file called “Wallet.dat“.

The former miner at the Bitcoin Talk community sought advice from users on how to move bitcoins from their wallets. He also asked if he had as much bitcoin, and how he could sell BTC.

The user was amazed to be able to access a large number of forged queens from BTC and wrote:

I didn’t know there were so many hard-forks. fantastic!

Shortly afterward, on the same day, the 1000-bitcoin transfer, which was mined in August 2010, was identified in the btc Blockchain. The move sparked speculation that the Quins belonged to «whoamisoon». It looks like these BTCs have been transferred to the Kevin Base currency exchange wallet.

On March 12, this person returned to BTC Tuck again to thank everyone who guided him. He said:

Thanks for all your suggestions. The return was great and was greeted with the warmest welcome. We have to continue this way, it can help more people who have a similar situation to me.

This user criticized his bitcoins before March 13 and before the sharp fall in prices. He probably sold each unit for about $ 7500 to $8000 and earned $ 7.5 to $ 8 million. The value of Bitcoin Cash and the corresponding Bitcoin SV is also about $ 500,000.


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