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Bitcoin Will Emerge Stronger Winklevoss’s Says

Despite the unfavorable cryptocurrency market and the massive crash last week, Tyler Winklevoss’s outlook remains positive. According to him, the importance of bitcoin is destroying the current dominant space, and this cryptocurrency is more powerful than ever.

According to Cryptopotato, the spread of the coronavirus is one of the main causes of the fall in the price of bitcoin and has led the king of cryptocurrencies to jump from $ 10000 to $ 3600. Although the price is currently recovering and bitcoin is trading at a mere 5000, analysts expect future downside.

Tyler Winkaus, CEO and co-founder of the Gemini platform, has a completely opposite view of analysts and sees the future bright. Speaking on Twitter, he said that Bitcoin has so far been rid of horrible events, that it is too soon to read the currency. He writes in another part of his tweet:

Bitcoin was born in the midst of the economic winter of year 2008. So far, [Bitcoin] has left a lot of things behind, and it doesn’t seem to give up anytime soon. [Bitcoin] is going through this tragedy stronger than ever. [Performance] Decades cannot be light and heavy in a matter of days.

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in the economic crisis of the year 2008. Years later, in spite of the very good performance of the global markets, it was Bitcoin that snatched them out of the lead in growth. Now, as the shadow of another economic crisis approaches, we have to wait to see if Bitcoin can act as a safe haven for capital.

Cameron Winklevoss’s and his twin brother Tyler are some of the most famous early adopters of bitcoin, whose fortune was estimated at $ 1.3 billion at the peak of bitcoin prices.

The two became the first publication’s headline in the year 2014 after they paid for the space travel tickets 312.5 bitcoin. After that year, bitcoin prices gradually increased and became one of the most expensive tickets in the world. Tyler said in an interview that he regretted paying for the tickets.

Nowadays, with the surge of cryptocurrency market anxiety, there is hardly anyone who has a bullish outlook. In the meantime, however, we saw yesterday’s comment by Edward Snowden, who praised the currency.

The former CIA agent said yesterday that there was no rational reason behind the recent decline in bitcoin prices. He went on to say for the first time that he wanted to buy bitcoin.

Winklevoss’s , who was convicted in court for exposing NSA spy information, had previously described the decentralized nature of the cryptocurrency as its strengths.


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