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Bitrue Announces Support For Cardano (ADA) As Base Pair On Exchange

Crypto exchange Bitrue has announced the addition of Cardano (ADA) as a base pair on the platform. Starting February 24th, users of the platform will be able to trade its wide variety of crypto options using the digital asset as a base pair. Initial coin pairs for ADA will be FLUX, DGB, RSR, GAS, SNT, CTSI, BNT, LOOM and KNC, and Bitrue will continue to add more trading pairs on a weekly basis.

Bitrue has continuously supported the Cardano blockchain and this is the latest step in that streak. From being the first exchange to provide support for Cardano native assets in June 2021 with the launch of OccamFi to being the only exchange to support community stake pools with over 2 million ADA in contributions delegated to pools run by trusted community members, Bitrue continues to stand by the network.

“Bitrue has shown a long-term commitment to the Cardano community and the numerous teams that are building within it, gradually integrating ADA into every single product or service that we offer on our exchange,” Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Bitrue. “The addition of an ADA base pair re-affirms our commitment to this coin.”

Cardano (ADA) has continued to grow rapidly earning the number 3 spot for the most developed cryptocurrencies in the space. Bitrue is committed to supporting the digital asset in its journey through continuous integrations on its platform.

O’Neill continued on to say; “The ADA community has been growing fast throughout the world as the coin continues to pass new milestones and prove itself as one of the core currencies of the new digital finance revolution. Similarly, we’ve seen an explosive growth of an ADA fanbase on Bitrue, and it is our great pleasure to provide them with convenient trading pairs utilizing ADA.”

Bitrue will see the launch of the first 10 trading pairs on February 24th, with more expected to follow.

Bitrue is a diversified crypto exchange that offers trading support, loans, and investments. Launched in July 2018, the crypto exchange aims to utilize blockchain opportunities to users regardless of their location or financial position. Its offices are located worldwide and its team continues to develop new features at a rapid rate to fully service the new way of the digital economy.

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