Tuesday 9 August 2022
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Btc Price Under 3k For A While

BTC fell below $ 4000 just moments ago, but soon returned to $ 5000 levels.

btc perice

Incredible: btc price for the channel also hit $ 5100!
Bitcoin price chart in one hour
Bitcoin unit prices have fallen more than 40 percent since yesterday, and as of this writing, each bitcoin is trading at about $ 5100 .

This is the biggest bitcoin crash in the last five years, though only 7 years into the digital currency.

Most experts see the extremely dire situation in the global financial markets as a result of the spread of the Corona virus around the world leading to the incredible decline in bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin has fallen about 50 percent in the past week, but it is still down 25 percent year on year.

There is a severe panic in the bitcoin market and digital currencies, and we are again posting posts on the social media platform titled “Bitcoin is dead.” Even the most pessimistic analysts did not expect such a terrible fall.

Meanwhile, some who believe in the future of bitcoin are accumulating more bitcoin. According to the Glassnode Foundation, the number of bitcoin addresses with 7 bitcoin addresses reached its highest in recent days.

Meanwhile, the world’s stock markets continue to experience dark days. Bitcoin’s downtrend may slow the stock market down, but it should be noted that the 5% successive crashes for the world’s trillion-dollar markets have been unprecedented over the past two decades, though due to stock market laws, after falling to one A certain percentage of transactions will stop, otherwise we would have seen far worse falls.

What do you think? Have you lost hope or are you still hopeful?

do you thing this is the best time for buy bitcoin ?

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