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Buy Bitcoin Without Verification

These days it’s hot to buy Cryptocurrencies. As the cryptocurrency market grows, small and large investors spend a lot of money buying these currencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum are usually purchased more for use on trader or currency exchange sites, as well as lower investment risk than other Cryptocurrencies. In all of world currency exchanges and most foreign currency exchanges, you need to be authenticated to place an order. Due to the anonymity of bitcoin transactions, currency exchanges require users to authenticate with an ID or passport in order to prevent possible fraud.

But there are people who do not like to scan their documents to sites or for any reason cannot authenticate. If you are going to buy Cryptocurrencies without authentication follow this article.

Why is authentication necessary to buy bitcoin?


  1. Hacking a card or bank account: Suppose someone holds someone else’s card information or stole their card with a password. Now if he can find a person who sells Cryptocurrencies without authentication, it could create a problem for that seller! So the thief who tries to buy bitcoin, the need for authentication makes it unable to do so at reputable sites.
  2.  Money Laundering: Another person may have embezzled a lot of money and converted it into Cryptocurrencies to withdraw money from his account. Therefore, authentication is also required for this case.
  3. Tax evasion: One of the rumors about bitcoin is that it allows for tax evasion. But bitcoin transactions are not completely anonymous and one can see the amount of bitcoin in each wallet and examine the transactions of each wallet. Internal currency exchange sites as well as foreign currency exchanges (for high amounts) therefore need to be identified with identification documents to determine how much bitcoin has been transferred to the individual wallet if needed.
  4. Bitcoin Theft: Bitcoin can be stolen just like traditional money. As we mentioned above, bitcoin transactions are not completely anonymous and can be viewed on every wallet transaction, so authentication allows the owner to see if the bitcoins are stolen. Identified the wallet.

Fraudulent intent and failure to send bitcoins: When you are unaware of the seller’s identity, there is no guarantee that you will receive bitcoins after receiving the money.

Buy Bitcoin through social networks or individuals


Social networks and messaging such as telegram or Instagram are a great source of fraud these days. Many people in telegram groups or channels claim to sell bitcoin or Ethereum. This does not require authentication, but it is a huge risk for you. It so happened that the buyer did not receive any bitcoin after depositing money into the fraudulent bank card. Of course, there are some who actually sell bitcoin and aren’t scammers, but if you don’t like risk and stress, forget about it.

If you really want to buy from a real person, make sure you are not a fraudster and even try to make the deal in person.

Foreign currency exchange

Buying from all reputable in-house currency exchanges requires authentication, but the advantage is that it doesn’t risk you. There are many foreign currency exchanges that can be purchased without authentication. Of course, you need international accounts such as Visa or MasterCard to buy these currency exchanges. Valid currency accounts also need authentication, so you need to authenticate indirectly to buy foreign currency.

Considering the above, buying or selling bitcoin without authentication can be a huge risk and can get you into trouble.


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