Thursday 1 December 2022
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Breaking News DogeCoin Today 30April

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell shared his thoughts on #dogecoin and GameStop shares. Summary of important news: At a news conference on April 28, in response to a question from a Yahoo Finance reporter as to whether Dogecoin or GameStop stocks had peaked due to the central bank’s negligent …

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fiat currency

How Money Really Works

Many of us think about how to make money is that we have to work to make money and with it meet our needs and fulfill our desires. In fact, few of us understand the true nature of money. Money is not, as many assume, a “reserve of value”, but rather …

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Evolution Of Money | circumstances Of Bitcoin

Money is the main factor in the economy of a society or country. The volume of money has a significant impact on the economy and affects inflation, interest, unemployment, and production. we will examine the evolution of money. Click image to view original size The concept of money Any physical …

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FED Reserve Cuts Rates Again

The Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve of the United States of America, has decided to drastically reduce bank interest rates in an effort to cope with global economic conditions. The rate has fallen 0.0% to 0.25% since Sunday. According to Kevin Disk, the US Federal Reserve has adopted zero interest rate policies once again, …

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petro Venezuela's cryptocurrency

Petro Crypto Oil Prices

Venezuela’s digital currency, Petro, seems to be a stable digital currency that should support oil and other staples. But among traders, the reality is something else. Petro prices did not fall with the fall in oil prices! Six days ago, March 9, which became known as “Black Monday”, all the financial markets of the …

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