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Chinese Journalist Shares Report On Covid 19 On Ethereum Bypassing Censor

Amid heavy censorship of all the news and content online about coronavirus in China, South China Morning Post correspondent Sarah Zheng said she has managed to publish an interview with a doctor about coronavirus on the Ethereum network.

According to Kevin Telegraph, according to a tweet published by Zheng, Dr. Ian’s interview with Wuhan (which is the center of the Coronavirus outbreak) has been published all over the Internet thanks to storage in China’s Ethereum block.

This interview uses cryptography with QR codes, deliberate typographical errors, and Morse code to allow users to receive the PDF file of the interview despite censorship by the Chinese Communist Party.

Originally published in a medium called “RenW“, it was quickly removed from the messenger after being edited on WeChat software.

Several versions of the interview also use the Hanoi Chinese alphabet system, which translates the Chinese alphabet into Latin characters. In addition, the waves have been used instead of words as much as possible.

In this censored content, Dr. Ii claims that he was severely reprimanded by Chinese authorities in December 2019 after he warned other doctors about testing a coronary patient.

Dr. Ie urged doctors to take some precautionary measures against the virus. The result of the interview was some hospital disciplinary action against him.

According to official Chinese officials, so far, more than 81000 people have been infected with CoronaVirus in China, and 3150 have died.


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