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Crypto Newcomers

Crypto Newcomers Guide

What was your first experience entering the crypto world? Did you use someone else’s guide? Have you ever entered the Cryptocurrency space as a matter of principle? How much were your profits and losses? Have you ever tried to share your experiences with others?

It may sound strange to anyone who has just entered the Cryptocurrency space to hear the various dumb terms, but with a better definition and understanding, you can easily become a Cryptocurrency expert.

If you are also a newcomer to this field, do not miss the material that we will share with you later and share this article with other newcomers.

One: Make your information about Cryptocurrencies better and more

A New Beginner's Guide to the World of Digital Currency

Before investing in Cryptocurrencies, it is essential to know and understand China’s blockchain and digital currencies relatively well.

First of all, get acquainted with Bitcoin’s king of Cryptocurrencies.

Then, in this article, look at blockchain technology, where Bitcoin and most Cryptocurrencies work. Bitcoin is just one application of the blockchain.

Then get to know Ethereum, this beautiful queen of Cryptocurrencies in this article.

After understanding these three, read through this article on wallets, where Cryptocurrencies are stored.

Then look for questions on our site (top left). The Encyclopedia and Glossary section of the site can also help.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Ask our questions in our telegram group with more than 6,000 members.

Also, get to know the fascinating world of crypto by subscribing to our telegram channel that covers all aspects of news and non-news as well.

Two: Work with Cryptocurrencies a little

A New Beginner's Guide to the World of Digital Currency

Once you have enough information about Cryptocurrencies, you can get started with them. Using them on a small scale and in small quantities can be a good start for your business. To do this, there are plenty of currency exchanges available for you to buy, sell and exchange your currencies. Many wallets have also been created to make this easy for you.

Three: Test all aspects before investing


Always remember that if someone suggests you invest in Crypto, be sure to do some research yourself. Because there are many fraudulent, fraudulent and unsupported projects lurking in newcomers like you. Reading a report on these currencies and projects can be the first step in your research process. Related communities are another way to get information about your investment.

One of the best sources for getting information about OnchainFX digital assets is OnchainFX, which gives you thorough scrutiny of different currencies.

Token Economics is among other sources that will provide similar information.

Four: Make your currency safe first


As soon as Crypto are purchased, it is imperative that you keep them safe first. Getting your currencies out of the currency is one of the main steps you need to take. Because the exchanges are vulnerable to hacker attacks and your assets are at risk.

Hardware wallets are a great choice for those looking to secure their currencies because of their high security. The  Ledger Nano S and Trezor are among the best hardware wallets. If you can’t afford the hardware wallet, use authentic wallet software and keep the security in mind.

Fifth: Only invest money you can lose


We have little to say about the importance of this. The Cryptocurrency market is very volatile because of its newness. If you are interested in investing in this area, remember that huge losses are always waiting for you. Always follow the market and prices to choose the best time to buy and sell your currencies.

Six: Keep your crypto


One of the major issues investors have to complain about is the reluctance to sell their currencies at such a high price. Keep your currencies for a long time by not investing your useless funds. The term holding its currency in the crypto market is referred to as HODL, which is itself rooted in bitcoin forums.

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