Tuesday 9 August 2022
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Consensus 2020 Virtual

Due to the dangers of the spread of the Coronavirus, the “Consensus 2020″ event, the largest annual blockchain, and digital currencies are being held online.

Coindesk website, as the host of this year’s big event in New York, announced that unlike every year’s event, this year’s event will not be held in person and tickets will be paid in 60 days.

The future is coming back. Instead, Consensus 2020 is supposed to be virtual and similar to a television program. This way everyone can participate from all over the world.

The timing and manner of the event have not been determined yet, but it is expected that each year; May 11-13.

The Consensus event is the largest blockchain event in China and the world’s digital currency, held the year 2015 by coinDisk. The event will bring together key digital influencers and talk about the issues, challenges, and issues in this space and their future plans. From this event, there is always some exciting and promising news that sometimes has an impact on the market.

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