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Crypto news 20 March

Ripple’s partnership with a Thai company to accelerate international payments-13:01

DeeMoney, a Thai company operating in Fintech, became the first non-bank financial institution in the country to use  Blockchain Technology to facilitate the immediate transfer of money to 300 financial institutions worldwide. The partnership between the two companies will allow all business partners to perform large transactions easily, as the fees for such transactions on the Ripple network are very low. Crypto news with Expay24.

Decentralized cloud storage service Storj launched – 11:03

Storj Labs, a decentralized file storage service provider, said the blockchain-based cloud service in China is now ready to serve individuals and businesses, and anyone can use it to safely store their files and documents. The price of STORJ, the official digital currency of this block, has risen by more than 60% in one day.

Vitalic Botrin unveils his vision for the development of Ethereum in the next decade – 10:38

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Butrene unveiled his personal roadmap for Ethereum 2 in a tweet. This roadmap includes future Ethereum plans in the next 5-10 years. Butrene said in a tweet that the followers of Ethereum will not be finished with the release of Ethereum 2, but will be further developed. He said about the past two years that he had been conducting more research in the past two years to implement his plans flawlessly. Ethereum 2 is a major update to Ethereum, in which Ethereum moves from mining (proof of work) to proof of stock and, according to Butrini, scalability (speed and fee of transactions) will increase sharply. Crypto news.

Bitcoin’s sharp rise in prices to $ 2.5 – 10:17

Bitcoin continued its uptrend in the past two days, rising more than 20% to $ 6200 in just over 24 hours. Analysts attribute the rise to rising bitcoin price hikes as well as governments’ injecting policies. The stock and oil markets also experienced a good jump. Meanwhile, the Forex market, or national currency, fell sharply yesterday because of the government’s heavy printing of money. The pound against the US dollar fell to a 1980-year low yesterday.


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