Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Breaking News DogeCoin Today 30April

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell shared his thoughts on #dogecoin and GameStop shares.

Summary of important news:

At a news conference on April 28, in response to a question from a Yahoo Finance reporter as to whether Dogecoin or GameStop stocks had peaked due to the central bank’s negligent policies, Powell replied that there was a bubble in the stock market. 👇🏼

“A lot of people just look at the rising price of assets in the stock market. And I think that indicates a bubble in the stock market.”

Another important point of the conference was that the issue of bond interest rates was mentioned, which was kept close to zero by the decision of the Central Bank (Federal Reserve), which strengthened the #Bitcoin cattle market. 🔥

He also noted that the US economy is still far from the central bank’s goals.

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