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Fair Win on Blockchain: Dexsport Is Completely Rewriting the Rules of the Game for the Betting Industry

Many people associate earnings in betting with something fickle because, in this industry, the players are entirely dependent on the decision of the broker whether to pay them or not. The Dexsport project sees its mission in correcting this situation. Dexsport is a blockchain-based project that makes the entire game process transparent, with earnings being paid automatically using smart contracts.

Less than a month ago, Dexsport launched its native DESU token on the mainnet. This step contributed to the rapid development of the project: its liquidity pool has grown fivefold, and the number of players has increased to 2.5 thousand. However, given the project’s uniqueness, this is only the beginning, and soon we will surely see the considerable growth of the Dexsport platform.

Dexsport: Make Money in Betting on Completely New Conditions

Dexsport is, without exaggeration, the future of betting. In the form in which the industry exists today, it can’t develop anymore. The fact is that when players appreciate the simplicity and transparency of playing on the blockchain, they are unlikely to want to return to traditional platforms that will have to implement blockchain functionality one day. Dexsport has already done this, and so far, there are no platforms like this on the market.

Dexsport is a platform from the web3 world where users play with a shared liquidity pool and receive their winnings via the blockchain. The platform itself is organized on the principles of DAO. That is, voting by its participants controls it. Introducing technologies such as DeFi, NFT, and the Play-to-earn game model provides unique opportunities for bettors. Most importantly, the decentralized protocol makes the services of intermediaries redundant, and the players themselves become the owners of the game.

“We created Dexsport because we are in love with the game. Initially, it was a kind of project for ourselves, which grew into something much bigger,” says Nikita Vassev, head of Dexsport strategy. “Bookmakers are impersonal. We are completely focused on contact with users. In Dexsport, they fully see everything that this business consists of, and in our system, there are no unnecessary elements and no intermediaries who take your fair winnings for themselves. On Dexsport, you see all transactions, and if you win, you get 100% of your fair winnings.”

All payments on the platform are ensured by the liquidity pool with near-instant

settlements. All the necessary information uncovering the Token Utility is available on the official website in the Tokenomics section. Please, forward your questions directly to Dexsport official Telegram group or email

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