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How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency – The 7 Most Realistic Ways

If you want to be a prospect, be sure to find out about digital currencies, bitcoin, Blockchain and learn how to use and operate them. Now in this article, we want you to take a step further and learn how to earn free cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and more. If you are reading this article you are probably looking for more money. Yes, digital currencies are one of the most attractive ways to earn money these days. If you are not familiar with digital currencies you should first get acquainted with the terms, how it works, Blockchain Network and also digital currencies such as Bitcoin. In this article, we introduce the 7 most realistic ways to earn free cryptocurrency.


How to get free cryptocurrency

Depending on the path you choose, setting up your revenue stream requires time, money and hard communication. Expay24 helps you get more information on how to get online currency. Please note that these methods are by no means guaranteed. This article is not about getting rich overnight so if you are looking for easy ways to make money or earn free bitcoins instantly, you probably won’t find anything interesting in this list.


  1. How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency | Blogging, posting and commenting

YouTube has been born since the year 2004 and if you have more than 1000 views per video you can make good money by posting your videos there, and so is blogging. Google has dominated this space with AdSense platforms, but Cryptocurrency offers it with another option on Streaming.

Steem coin is the coin behind Steemit’s blogging site. Steemit introduces a way for short-term bloggers to make a decent amount of money by blogging every day. Business users can make money with other blog users by blogging, writing reviews and organizing content. When you sign up for streaming, you also have access to its sister sites like Dtube (decentralized YouTube) and (decentralized Twitter version), where you also have the chance to acquire Steam coins. It’s a revolutionary change to look at social media that makes you think how profitable it would be if Stream became a mainstream medium.

  1. How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency | Invest in Faucet farming

Let’s learn about faucet:

In short, faucets are sites or software and even games that run online and you get some digital currency for playing or doing something. Are we leaving the purpose of these sites spreading the digital currency, either for God’s sake or for advertising and monetization? But your users know that you can get a bit of free bitcoin on these sites.

Faucets need no investment from you, they make money by offering you advertising and letting you claim part of it for yourself. There are countless sites on the net that allow you to earn a small bit of bitcoin every few minutes through the faucets, and ultimately enough bitcoin to cash in and some to keep in your virtual wallet. To find your faucets sites, go to Google and check out these two sites that seem to be the most popular.


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  1. How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency | Airdrops

When a new currency is introduced or a bunch of currencies is spread out to gain profits, many companies try Airdrops. This means, for example, that you go to your wallet and see that some of the Ethereum tokens have flowed into your wallet without doing anything special.

An airdrop occurs when the cryptocurrency development team distributes their coins for free or for small tasks such as downloading their software, native wallet or registering for an ICO. Sign up for sites like and if you want to know when Airdrop happens. This is just a marketing strategy from digital currency supporters. If you need more information, search for more about Airdrops.


  1. How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency | Bounties

Bounties are similar to Airdrops, in which companies seek to boost their coin popularity, and the difference is that earning money in this way is a bonus. Companies provide marketing to users such as sharing content on Facebook and Twitter and blogging and reward those who do so with cryptocurrencies. You get digital currency in exchange for something handy. Sign up at if you want to know when the bounty is going on.


  1. How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency | Playing Games

I suspect this one needs some explanation. All you need to do is play with your smartphone and get online currency as a bonus. A popular choice is Storm play. With just a Simple Search you can find a huge list of games to play and gain cryptocurrencies as a reward.


  1. How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency | Network support

Many promising projects in this space seek to create a decentralized market for resources. Projects like Golem, Sia, Presearch, and Storj that allow you to rent hard disk space or CPU power and get money based on the currency you want on your network.


  1. How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency | Sign up for the Coinbase website

Coinbase is a training program that pays for people to learn about cryptocurrencies. This website contains various training programs and a variety of digital currencies. To make money with this method, you first need to go to and sign up using your email. Then go to the Products tab and click on the Earn option. You will then be redirected to the dedicated content page. Contribution rewards for each program are inserted against its name. Clicking on the Start course button and viewing the content will charge your account at the declared amount. So you can earn free bitcoins for visiting websites.


1 Free Bitcoin

adBTC is one of the easiest websites to get free bitcoin, after signing up and activating your email you can get free bitcoin. In adBTC, you can see different pages and ads to get a Satoshi that is smaller than Bitcoin. This website has restrictions on getting daily Satoshi. You also need to have at least 40,000 Satoshi in your account to transfer the earned money to your wallet. 1 bitcoin (BTC) is equivalent to 1000 millibits (mBTC), 1,000,000 microbe (K BTC) or 100,000,000 Satoshi. So to earn 1 free bitcoin, you must have one hundred satoshis.


free Tether 

ExPay 24 also offers free cryptocurrencies. The process is that you have to sign up with a referral link and then you start getting referrals. You will receive one percent of the order amount for each order that your subscriber submits and pays. This way you can earn free cryptocurrencies, simple and cost-effective!


Final Word

Is it possible to earn free bitcoin? Can I get free cryptocurrency? The short answer is yes you can make money this way. You can even get rich this way. What is not to say is that this process, like any other industry or business, is a slow and difficult one that you must truly commit to responding to. Just like any business in this field, you need information, skills, experience and sometimes a little luck to succeed. A business that has been welcomed by many people these days. Contact Expay24 to find out how to earn cryptocurrency online free. Our team of experts will guide you through this.


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