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WebMoney WMZ to PayPal

How to Exchange WebMoney WMZ to PayPal

How to Exchange WebMoney WMZ to PayPal

Although both PayPal and WebMoney are popular international online payment systems, some may need to Exchange WebMoney WMZ to PayPal for specific purposes. You probably know that PayPal is more well-known and global than WebMoney Service and has more users around the world. For this reason, most websites and online stores have a PayPal payment gateway, but in comparison, fewer websites have a WebMoney payment gateway. So sometimes you need to convert your WebMoney assets into PayPal. On ExPay 24, you can Exchange your WebMoney wallet assets into PayPal in no time. In the following, you will learn more about WebMoney to PayPal exchange service.


A brief overview of comparison between WebMoney and PayPal payment services

  • PayPal partners with more than 1 million sites and WebMoney is still behind it.
  • PayPal is not available in all the countries and regions, while WebMoney has no such restrictions.
  • The PayPal fee is 3.5 to 5% of the Exchange amount, deducted from the recipient.
  • WebMoney fees are a fixed rate of 0.8% for all services and are deducted from the sender.
  • PayPal account limitation happens from time to time, but there is no limitation for your WebMoney account.
  • PayPal accepts almost all the bank accounts to link with, however, on the other hand, WebMoney only accepts Russian banks.

The above are the most important differences between PayPal and WebMoney. Each of these two services can have advantages and disadvantages depending on your desired application, and it is better to choose these services according to your desired purpose. If you tend to Exchange your WebMoney WMZ to PayPal, join us to introduce you to a simple and fast way to convert WebMoney to PayPal.


Our WebMoney to PayPal Service Features and Benefits

  • Your WebMoney exchanges will be done within 20 minutes to 1 hour.
  • There is no need for registration or verification to place your orders, and you can perform the transactions anonymously.
  • Our fee rates can be viewed online at the time of order registration.
  • ExPay conversion fees are very fair.
  • Your orders are registered and processed 100% automatically.


How to Exchange WebMoney to PayPal | Convert WebMoney to PayPal on ExPay 24

To make your WebMoney exchanges including WebMoney WMZ to PayPal on ExPay 24, you need to take a few simple steps.

  • Fill in all the fields of the submitted form (including your receiver (PayPal) E-mail).
  • Read the terms of the agreement on exchange services, if accepted, please tick the given block, and press the «Place Order» button.
  • Pay for the bid. To do this, Exchange the required amount, following the instructions on our website.
  • In the end, the system will redirect you to the «status» page, where the status of your Exchange will be shown.
  • Note: This operation is performed completely automatic.

  Exchange Webmoney (wmz) to PayPal


WebMoney Exchange Services Available on ExPay 24

It’s worth mentioning that besides WebMoney to PayPal, there are a variety of other WebMoney exchange services available on ExPay 24, listed below.

  • WebMoney (WMZ) to Bitcoin (BTC)
  • WebMoney to Mastercard
  • WebMoney to Perfect Money
  • WebMoney to iTunes
  • WebMoney to Google Play

To submit an order on ExPay 24, enter the home page of the website and select your desired service from the services section on the menu. Please contact us through online chat or via e-mail if there are any questions.


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