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John Mcafee Calls Bitcoin Btc-Worthless

The man who predicted the price of bitcoin could reach $ 1 million in 2020, now says the digital currency is totally worthless.

John McAfee, the controversial founder of the popular McAfee Anti-Virus with more than a million followers on Twitter, believes his popularity has nothing to do with Bitcoin.

The prominent figure in the field of digital currency, without any fear, in response to a user who claimed that people are only interested in his character because of Bitcoins, called this leading digital currency “worthless.” “I think people are just following you because of Bitcoin,” he tweeted.

I do not understand.

Bitcoin is worthless.

McAfee was widely criticized in the press after predicting that the price of bitcoins could reach $ 1 million by December 31, 2020. He said that if his prediction did not come true, he would do a strange job on national television.

He announced his first target for Bitcoins in July 2017 on Twitter and talked about the $ 500,000 price tag by the end of 2020. Then five months later, just as the entire digital currency industry was booming, it doubled its seven-digit forecast. McAfee tweeted:

When I predicted Bitcoin to be $ 500,000 by the end of 2020, the model I used in my analysis predicted the price of $ 5,000 for Bitcoin in late 2017. Bitcoin has accelerated much faster than my model assumptions. I now forecast $ 1 million for bitcoin by the end of 2020. I still declare that if I made a mistake ……

Although McAfee confirmed in December 2019 that he was still on the lookout for a prediction, the seventy-year-old turned 180 degrees and turned his back on Bitcoin, claiming that his prediction was one million. His dollar was just an intelligence test for the audience, and nothing more.

Even if McAfee’s view of Bitcoin has changed, Twitter has a lot to keep its fans entertained.

More recently, this controversial figure has been involved in making Crow’s ubiquitous disease less important. He claims that the “Chinese virus” cannot affect blacks. (Of course, this recent tweet was deleted by Twitter due to the promotion of false information.)

In addition, after abandoning Bitcoin, he has been involved in promoting other digital currencies, including Monero, Ethereum, and Stablecoin DAI, and offers people to buy these digital currencies.

He recently tweeted:

[These digital currencies] are widely used by tens of thousands of us who no longer use banks, credit cards or cash. There’s nothing you can’t do about it if you can’t get it through DAI, Monroe or Ethereum. Home, car, hotel reservation, air travel, food and more.

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