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Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG) and Indonesia’s Top Football Club, Persib Bandung, Partner to Make Play-to-Earn Games More Accessible

Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG), a next-generation barrier-breaking project aiming to make play-to-earn gaming more accessible to global gamers, and Persib Bandung, a top Indonesian Football club, have joined forces.

The Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG) and Persib Bandung Partnership

The announcement states that both parties are ecstatic and are optimistic it would be immense for their development. LGG is especially looking forward to impacting the broad Persib Bandung fan base in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. A core part of LGG’s mission is to make play-to-earn gaming and the metaverse more accessible to most gamers. At the same time, they are keen on exposing fans to exciting opportunities where they can take charge of their finances through blockchain-powered solutions.

The Current NFT Landscape is Complex

Although finding traction, blockchain-based, play-to-earn games are relatively complex and technically inaccessible for a section of beginner gamers used to traditional games because NFTs are complicated and expensive.

Minting costs are pegged to the base blockchain and can be steep. Most NFTs are launched from Ethereum—the pioneer smart contract blockchain. While Ethereum is popular, the network’s inability to scale and process more transactions per block has led to a spike in gas fees, adversely affecting user experience due to high minting costs.

How Liberty Gaming Guild is Tearing Down Walls

LGG acts as a barrier-breaking project and gateway for gamers to interact with some of the sphere’s popular play-to-earn games, therefore leveling the field.

This success that LGG has enjoyed in bringing more gamers to the metaverse and lowering the cost of access to the otherwise pricey NFTs is what Persib Bandung will market to its loyal fan base and active community.

In return, fans would experience firsthand how they can take charge of their finances by using innovative blockchain solutions that offer above-yield returns.

Commenting, Maurizio Barbieri the CCO of LGG said:

“When given a chance to partner with arguably one of the most popular football clubs not only in Indonesia but in the whole region, you do not think twice, and you grab this opportunity. With Persib carrying LGG’s message of success in the metaverse and financial freedom for its community members, I am sure we’ll be able to accelerate our growth in SEA and Indonesia specifically. We can’t wait to start working with the fantastic Persib team and take this not only to the next level but to the moon!”

On the other hand, Persib Bandung fans will have a chance to explore a wide variety of LGG play-to-earn and blockchain game portfolios. Some of the top games include Axie Infinity, League of Kingdoms, and Splinterlands.

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