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Microsoft is looking to build an advanced Cryptocurrency

Microsoft is looking to create a Cryptocurrency based on proof of work. The difference between the Microsoft project and other proof-of-work projects is how to extract them. In the Microsoft project, the manpower is responsible for extracting rather than using expensive equipment.

Microsoft filed a patent on Thursday for a Cryptocurrency system that uses physical activity, according to bitcoinist. At first glance, this may sound strange, but in the meantime, the details of the project may be less surprising.

Microsoft’s plan will use physical activity data to set up a Cryptocurrency; in other words, you can extract Cryptocurrency with your physical activity without the need for ASICs.

If the idea of ​​connecting a human to a motion tracking system can be realized, their energy output can also be used to extract Cryptocurrencies and prevent damage to the environment.

According to a patent filed by Microsoft, physical activity needed to extract Cryptocurrency can be very simple. There is no need for professionals in the clubs to be consistent:

Waves emitted from a user’s brain or body heat can be used to extract what the server wants them to do. For example, viewing an ad or using a particular web service can be used in the extraction process.

Another part of Microsoft’s explanation of the plan is that such activities replace the very high processing power used in common extraction systems. This is because the data obtained from the physical activity of the body can be regarded as proof of work. The following is:

Thus a user can unconsciously solve complex computational problems.

Depending on the amount of user activity, factors reduce or increase processing energy. The Cryptocurrency system, using data from physical activity, probably operates through a server that sends commands to a wearable device:

Physical data is generated based on user activity detection. A Cryptocurrency system uses a device that is attached to the user’s body to determine whether the activity satisfies one or more of the conditions set by the Cryptocurrency system. If the activity is sufficient, the user will be rewarded.

Microsoft has not yet determined whether the new Cryptocurrency will be based on a specific China block or will be implemented by the same company. It is also important to note that it is not yet clear whether this project will be completed or not.

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