Sunday 28 November 2021

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Russia And China Could Add Bitcoin To Their Strategic Reserves

Max Keiser - Bitcoin

According to Max Keiser, China and Russia may finally accept Bitcoin. According¬†to YouTube, the famous Russian broadcaster and reporter on¬†Twitter¬†unveiled a bizarre theory that the United States might go back to the gold standard and add China and Russia to their bitcoin reserves.¬†He wrote: Possible Game Theory: Markets are closed …

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Possible Take Over For Bitcoin sv

bitcoin SV

In an unlikely event, an extraction pool has been able to capture the majority of processing power on the Bitcoin SV network.¬†This has made the security of this Cryptocurrency and even its nature questionable.¬†Interestingly, the creator of this Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin SV, is the “real bitcoin.” According to bitcoinist news, It …

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2020 Could Be Bitcoin Year Mike Novogratz Reveals Main Reason Why

Mike Novogratz

While pessimists believe that Bitcoin will never come back to its glorious past after the price it experienced in the year 2017, celebrity rich Mike Novogratz believes that Bitcoin will be the year 2020. Will be in the spotlight. According¬†to YouToday, Novogratz wrote in a tweet: Bitcoin will continue to …

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Cryptocurrency Glossary

crypto glossary

Comprehensive Glossary of Official, Famous and Funny Cryptocurrency Terms and Definitions!¬†Cryptocurrency Glossary, complete and flawless! The cryptocurrency space is getting bigger and more public. Therefore, to understand this unlimited space more and better, we have collected important cryptocurrency keywords and terminologies in this article.   Crypto Slang Terms | Cryptocurrency …

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Petition Asking Ulbricht Release Gathers 275K Signatures

Ross Ulbricht

A petition calling for the White House to release Ross Ulbricht, creator of the Silk Road Ducknet market, has garnered more than 275,000 signatures. According to Cointelegraph, the FreeRoss campaign is the brainchild of a group of family, friends, and fans of Ulbricht¬†, who claim that the move will continue …

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Bitcoin Rally To 6-4k

bitcoin signal

Hours ago we saw a¬†bit of¬†a jump in¬†bitcoin prices.¬†The jump-started at $5688 and eventually led to a $6600 price.¬†Previously, analysts were worried that the king of digital currencies would fail to maintain $5400 support. According to Cointelegraph, bitcoin has begun a bullish trend and its recent leap is evidence of …

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What Is Faucet

faucet bitcoin

Is there a way to get¬†free bitcoin?¬†This is a question that every newcomer in this field and even experienced people might ask themselves.¬†But yes, bitcoin or free digital currency can be obtained using Faucet. Note:¬†Keep in mind that most of today’s fasts are fraudulent, and the amount of fasting you …

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5 Reasons To Be Happy If You Hodl Bitcoin


In times like these days when uncertainty and uncertainty reign over the future, there is little reason to be happy.¬†But with the spread of chaos and disorder and the adoption of social evasion policies by governments, you should be happy if you are one of those who keep bitcoin.¬†In this …

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