Sunday 28 November 2021

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Six Mistakes Certified Investor


Warren Buffett and George Schwartz are the most successful investor in the world. Warren Buffett Born in 1930 in Omaha, Nebraska, he began managing venture capital in 1956 with the incorporation of Buffett (the company was dissolved in 1969.) He is now chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway. The $ …

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Why buying cheap bitcoin can be dangerous

Cheap Bitcoin

As Bitcoin grows in popularity and expansion, it is clear that the number of fraudsters and fraudsters in the area will increase. These days people and investors are looking to buy bitcoin cheap. Buying bitcoin cheap is okay, but as long as the scam does not happen. Before buying bitcoin, first, try …

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Three questions to ask yourself before investing in an ICO


What is the need for this technology, platform or industry to respond? Three questions to ask yourself before invest in an ICO. There needs to be a clear need for accountability as well as a market for this solution, and ideally, a long-term perspective to achieve it. Who makes up …

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Binance Crypto Exchange Is Launching Its First Bitcoin Mining Pool


The big and famous Binance exchange plans to launch its own extraction pool for the first time. The news was first reported by the Russian media, Coinlife, and then confirmed by three other well-known sources in the mining field. Binance Director Changpeng Zhao also tweeted about the pool yesterday. The …

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The US Stock Exchange Rejected the Bitcoin ETF Again

Bitcoin ETF

The US Stock Exchange Rejected the Bitcoin ETF Again! The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rejected Wilshire Phoenix’s request for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) license.   Due to the coindesk report, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has claimed that Wilshire Phoenix has failed to convince them that …

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What Is Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin |What is Bitcoin Cash? The Bitcoin Cash developers answer the question of “what is Bitcoin Cash” this way: Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer e-money for the internet. This money is completely decentralized and has no central bank and no intermediaries needed to exchange it. This definition …

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What is a Fractional Reserve Banking System

Fractional Reserve

When you deposit money into your bank account, the bank does not simply hide the funds in a cash cow in the basement or elsewhere. Instead, it lends your capital to the people or companies that need it. Thanks to the fractional reserve banking system, when the bank lends your money …

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What Is Know Your Customer KYC


To, In short, the shortened KYC for “Know Your Customer” means “Know Your Customer“. In this way, an entity with financial transactions, by receiving a series of customer information, insures itself against the user’s legal problems and possible follow-up. The law is bilateral and protects both parties to the transaction. With this information, investor advisers …

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