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Paypal Explained

PayPal is one of the largest online payment systems in the world. Transfer and receive money from around the world, international transactions, internet purchases, and so on are PayPal applications. Here’s how this payment system works.

What is PayPal?


PayPal’s is a global payment system that is used in more than 5 countries. Today, almost all major online shopping sites support PayPal.

PayPal’s users can make their payments online and send money around the world. It is also possible to get money easily with PayPal’s email. This payment method is one of the fastest and cheapest way to shop online and receive and send transactions.

Due to sanctions, PayPal cannot be used directly in Iran and in several other countries. Of course, PayPal services can also be used indirectly in Iran.

It is possible to use Paypal payment services for both natural and legal persons (such as companies). When using this form of payment, you do not have to enter your financial and economic information. Aligning with small businesses while supporting large businesses is one of the features that sets PayPal apart.

PayPal also uses a very sophisticated anti-fraud system, so its security is guaranteed. Transaction speed on this platform is very high and its ease of use has doubled its popularity.

PayPal’s was officially released in year 2 as a money transfer service. Two years later, with the public offering of PayPal’s shares, eBay acquired it.

PayPal’s partnership with MasterCard now has made its platform services more diverse than in previous years.

By year 2, PayPal’s users reportedly crossed the 5 million mark and were used in 5 markets and in 5 different currencies.

It currently has 2 million active users and supports 5 different national currencies. Transaction volume for the platform last year amounted to 2.5 billion transactions.

The correct pronunciation of “PayPal” is PayPal , but most Farsi speakers use PayPal’s to facilitate speech.

What is the use of a bridge?

paypal explained

The system is used in many different businesses, whether physical or virtual; it covers a wide range of activities, from monetization to online shopping.

International Money Transfer

Students, immigrants and even travelers traveling abroad can easily do their international transactions using a PayPal account.

Make money

If you are also one of those people who are interested in making money overseas, a PayPal’s account can be a good option for your spending and wages. Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods for freelancers. Content production, graphics, website design and many other activities can be done remotely. If you are having trouble getting paid for such activities, PayPal is a great option.

Online purchases

As mentioned earlier, PayPal is supported as a payment method in many stores and businesses. Having a PayPal’s account and charging it can make your online purchases fast. Of course, these purchases are mostly virtual, and physical purchases are only possible if:

  • One: The accepting website supports PayPal’s .
  • Two: The recipient’s website can be sent directly to Iran.

Other uses

PayPal’s also offers other options to its account holders. These include instant billing, donating money to charities, converting different currencies and paying by phone.

Each of the features listed above has a private fee that will be received when using the user.

PayPal’s Personal Accounts are designed for ordinary users and individuals who use PayPal to pay and receive money as well as online purchases. In other words, if you need a fast and reliable platform to send money overseas, these types of accounts are very convenient for you.

How does PayPal work?

how paypal work

The PayPal mechanism is very simple. If you are an overseas user, just create a free account on PayPal and then link your PayPal account to your bank or credit card to verify your account. You can also charge your account through intermediary websites apart from the bank.

Of course, if you are in Iran, it will be very difficult for you to use the bridge. According to PayPal’s rules, users residing in Iran and several countries under the embargo are not allowed to use the company’s services and will block the account with all of its assets if the system detects violations.

In other words, PayPal acts like a wallet, though it offers you many options. As soon as you charge and credit your account, it will act as a full payment system for you, making the most of your transactions, receiving and sending money, and making online purchases with Complete the use of PayPal ports.

Unlike interbank transactions, PayPal’s transactions are performed seamlessly through its dedicated system, which is why your transaction takes place in a fraction of a second and your account balance changes.

Remember, when you link a bank account to a PayPal’s account, you will be offered special facilities; a PayPal lending platform is one of the things that is offered to users in some countries. Charging direct PayPal accounts and easy account confirmation are among the features.

Paypal Account Types

The accounts of this platform are available to users in both personal (business) and business (commercial) accounts. Below we describe the features of each of these accounts.

Personal Accounts

Personal Accounts PayPal’s is designed for ordinary users and individuals who use PayPal’s to pay and receive money as well as online purchases. In other words, if you need a fast and reliable platform to send money overseas, these types of accounts are very convenient for you.

Business Accounts

Business Accounts PayPal’s has more features than personal accounts. The ability to receive transactions with higher amounts and receive payment through PayPal’s on your website are among the features your business accounts provide.

PayPal Transaction Fees

PayPal’s does not charge for internal business transactions. Internal transactions are transactions that do not involve currency exchange. For example, if you plan to send a dollar to a country with a dollar currency, PayPal’s will not charge you. In addition, sending transactions to the Euro and Swedish Krone will also be free.

Cross-border transaction fees for users in the UK, Jersey, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Ganzi will be five percent of the total transaction. It should be noted that the minimum wage is £ 4.9 and the maximum is £ 4.9.

Transfers of personal cross-border transactions, if the recipient resides in the United States, Canada, Northern Europe, and one or two European countries, is a fee of € 1.00. Sending a transaction to other countries not listed will bring you a € 1.5 fee.

PayPal’s will set a separate commission rate for commercial transactions and sums above their designated level, which will be displayed to you when performing the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

پی پال چیست و چگونه کار می‌کند؟

Can Paypal Buy Digital Currency?

There are several bitcoin exchanges and sales markets that use PayPal’s as a payment method.

Is PayPal a Sanctions for Iranian Users?

Yes, PayPal has long put Iranian users on its sanctions list.

Is PayPal Banking Required?

No Regular Accounts; You will need a valid bank account if you wish to link your bank account to PayPal’s . If your bank account is not connected to PayPal, you will need to charge your PayPal broker sites. PayPal’s merchant accounts also require a valid bank account.

What does PayPal Limit Account mean?

If PayPal detects suspicious activity in your account, it will restrict it and block the funds inside it. Account liberalization is subject to the provision of identity documents.

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