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Perfect Money

Perfect Money is one of the most advanced payment systems in the world that all users in the world can use to transfer money and buy the goods and services they need. In this post, while briefly introducing this system, we will teach you how to purchase and recharge PerfectMoney account.

What is PerfectMoney?

PerfectMoney allows you to send money to people in another country and make online and online purchases from foreign sites. Also, if you work with foreign clients you can easily get your currency earnings through PerfectMoney.

How is it to open a PerfectMoney account?

To use PerfectMoney features, you first need to log in to PerfectMoney and create a PerfectMoney account by clicking on the Signup section. Account creation is easy and within minutes.

If you need more tips on how to open a PerfectMoney account, we suggest reading the tutorial on Making Money PerfectMoney .

PerfectMoney is not mandatory

You do not need to be authenticated to use PerfectMoney System. However, if you authenticate, the transaction fee for you will be reduced from 5% to 3.5%.

Note: You do not need to be authenticated to use PerfectMoney itself, but you do need authentication to buy it online, which we will explain below.

The best way to charge Perfect Money account

The easiest way to charge PerfectMoney account for users is to buy PerfectMoney from expay24 sites which can be easily done by USD and by bank card.

PerfectMoney is traded on both USD and Euro sites, but most PerfectMoney dollars are sold. We’re here to name the perfectMoney Money exchanges, but just search for the word “PerfectMoney” on Google.

PerfectMoney is based on the exchange rate in the country. For example, if the dollar per dollar were 2 thousand dollars, then the price of PerfectMoney would be about 2 thousand dollars.

To buy from PerfectMoney seller sites, you need to authenticate by submitting your ID (such as a national card). Once you have authenticated, you will be able to buy and sell PerfectMoney.

To buy PerfectMoney you need to give your PerfectMoney account number to the seller’s site to make a deposit for you. Just log in to find your perfect account number.

As you can see above, you can find your account number on the front panel of the user panel and give it to the site to make a deposit. The dollar account starts with U and the euro account starts with E. For example, the dollar account number in the account we have pictured above is “U22065984” and the account holder must provide this number in exchange for the perfectmoney.

There are many other ways to charge your PerfectMoney account besides the method of purchasing USD currency. Of course, most of these methods are not applicable. So in the following we will only explain the methods that are available to PerfectMoney users.

To access the Money Money Accounts payment methods and the so-called Money Money Account Charges, after logging into your account, we will go into the Deposit section:

Then we come across a page similar to the one below, which explains a variety of ways to deposit money and charge Money Perfect accounts.

By clicking on any of the options above, we examine together the details of using each of these methods to charge your perfect account.

Perfect Money Charger Charger

One of the common methods of charging Perfect Money account is using Perfect Money voucher .

Perfect Money Voucher is a Perfect Money recharge card used to deposit or withdraw money into Perfect Money account.

The voucher actually looks like a bank gift card and can be used for purchase without having to create an account. Perfect Money Voucher can also be used to charge your account directly.

Perfect Money Voucher has a unique 4-digit ID and a 4-digit activation code. The date of creation and expiration date of these vouchers are also recorded on them. An example of a Perfect Money voucher card can be found below:

Perfect Money Voucher

However, it is important to know that these vouchers are not physical and are digitally available to users.

To recharge your Perfect Money Voucher, you must purchase a Perfect Money Voucher from a reputable expay-24 site.

For example, if you want to recharge your account for $ 1, just go to expay24 sites and buy a $ 4 Perfect Money voucher. Then, from the Deposit section of your Perfect Money account, select the e-Voucher option and enter your voucher information to recharge your account.

As you can see in the picture above, you will be provided with a Perfect Money voucher, an e-Voucher number, and an Activation code. With these two codes you can charge your Perfect Money account as follows.

By choosing “e-Voucher” we want to charge our Perfect Money account through Perfect Money Voucher.

By clicking on ‘Activate an e-Voucher’, your Perfect Money account will be charged the same amount as the voucher you purchased.

Charging Perfect Money account by currency exchange

There are currently many valid exchanges that act as an interface between users and Perfect Money site.

This means that users can buy Perfect Money Dollars and recharge their PerfectMoney account as much as they want by paying royalties.

In addition, it is possible to sell PerfectMoney Dollars to these currency exchanges and get equivalent USD.

But looking at the credentials that are currently active, it can be seen that the price of buying and selling the PerfectMoney dollars in these exchanges and the fees they are considering buying and selling are different.

Therefore, by considering different factors, you can choose the best currency for buying or selling Perfect Money.

By selecting the “Certified Partners” option from the “Deposit” section you can access the full list of currency exchanges that can be used to charge your Perfect Money account.

As shown in the image above, the list of currency exchanges is visible on this page.

The Trust Score parameter, which indicates the trustworthiness of currency exchanges based on their past activity, is visible to any currency exchange.

The TS parameter is determined based on the past activities of these exchanges.

When choosing the right currency exchange, besides considering the currency’s trustworthiness as well as the commissions, one must also pay attention to the minimum and maximum amount that each currency exchange buys for PerfectMoney.

Charge PerfectMoney account with Bitcoin

The most common currency used by PerfectMoney is the dollar. But in addition to the dollar, it is possible to charge PerfectMoney accounts with 3 other assets. These 3 assets include Euro, Gold and Bitcoin.

To charge a PerfectMoney account using Bitcoin, withdraw a Bitcoin account, or even perform a Bitcoin transaction using a PerfectMoney account, after selecting Bitcoin as one of the PerfectMoney Account Charging methods below we will be:

After selecting “Create new deposit”, the following page will open. If this is the first time you want to recharge your PerfectMoney account using Bitcoin, you must create your own Bitcoin account to create a Bitcoin address for you.

The possibility of sending bitcoin to PerfectMoney account and actually charging PerfectMoney account using bitcoin is one of the features that have just been added to PerfectMoney accounts.

As shown above, the number of wallets made so far is shown. Up to 3 bitcoin wallets can be created using PerfectMoney account.

Click on the “Create a new BTC wallet” option as shown above, the following screen will appear.

As you can see in the image above, tick the confirmation box for the new Bitcoin wallet and then click on “Add wallet”.

This message indicates that your Bitcoin address has been successfully created.

Now we can go back to the first page we used to charge a Perfect Money account using Bitcoin.

Then click on the “Preview” option and check the details of your transaction on the following page and then confirm.

According to all the methods mentioned, we can charge your Perfect Money account in one of these ways, depending on your needs and considering factors such as commission, Trust Score, and Account Charging Speed. And on sites and platforms that support Perfect Money in their payment method.

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