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Russia And China Could Add Bitcoin To Their Strategic Reserves

According to Max Keiser, China and Russia may finally accept Bitcoin. According to YouTube, the famous Russian broadcaster and reporter on Twitter unveiled a bizarre theory that the United States might go back to the gold standard and add China and Russia to their bitcoin reserves. He wrote:

Possible Game Theory:
Markets are closed
The US is preparing to return the dollar to gold to avert a break.
Russia / China announce they are adding bitcoin to strategic reserves.


Kaiser is one of the first bitcoins adopters who has been trying to introduce bitcoin in his programs for the past years 2011. He predicts that Bitcoins will become the biggest story of the decade.

He is also one of the fiercest critics of the US dollar and once sliced ​​a $10 note to say that these notes are worthless pieces of paper and have no backing.

The former stockbroker recently predicted that Bitcoin could be priced at $400,000. Although this prediction seems far-fetched, he has made many predictions about Bitcoin since the year 2011, many of which have come true.

Max Kaiser’s latest theory seems very unlikely. Bitcoin has been banned in China for years 2013. The Chinese Communist government has not shown much interest in decentralized digital currencies, even after the president welcomed the block in October 2019.

At the same time, it seems that Russia is far from embracing digital currencies. Alexey Guznov, a senior Russian central bank official, recently opposed legalizing transactions and issuing digital currencies. However, he insisted that ownership of digital currencies was not prohibited.

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