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Russia Tends To Block Ton

A government agency in Russia has called on the private sector to send its plans and plans to tackle anti-censorship Internet and related technology, including Networks. The Blockchain Telegram(ton), which has not yet been released, is one of those tools.

On March 9, in a statement issued to Internet companies and individuals in the field of Internet radio, on March 3, in a press release, companies and individuals active in the field of Internet demanded solutions to counteract anti-theft devices. Censorship.

It says the government is seeking technologies other than the usual methods and protocols used to access restricted content, including extremist content.

Plans and research must also address the ways in which such technologies can be tackled and blocked.

Mesh Networks, IoT and protocols that allow anonymous browsing, Invisible Internet Project (I۲P), Tor, FreeNet, Zeronet, AnoNET, and Blockchain Telegram ( TON) as the objectives of this research.

According to the agency, such technologies are being used to create and build networks in the Web Darek. Note that bitcoin and other digital currencies have not been released.

It is still unclear why this list was chosen. As for the telegram, it is likely that the peer-to-peer network is open to telegrams, the hosting of websites on this network and the anonymous systems on it have made it to the list.

The White Paper on the Open Telegram Network says that such a system could serve as a tool to break the restrictions imposed by Internet service providers if fully delivered. Here’s another part of White Pepper:

Anonymity of users will be provided by telegram open network proxies. All services will also be unblockable.

Although Telegram has been involved in a lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we are still seeing more capabilities being offered in connection with the Telegram Open Network. Last week, the company released guidelines for registering websites on the Open Telegram DNS (TON DNS). The SEC has called on Telegram to suspend all details of its initial coin release in full.

This is not the first time telegrams have faced government restrictions. In year 4, too, the Russian intelligence agency asked the telegram to hand over the encryption keys to the messenger. The telegram lost the case to the intelligence agency in court, but eventually refused to give them the keys.

Since the summer of 2008, Roscomnadzor, a high-profile entity of the Center for Public Radio Frequencies, has been seeking to block Russia’s telegram, a move that has so far failed. The telegram uses a technique called domain branding to circumvent government mechanisms. Using this technique, telegram traffic is hidden by service domains.

In an attempt to block the telegram, Roskomadza mistakenly targeted other services and websites, eventually causing widespread Internet disruption in the country. A wave of ridicule also followed.

Mitja Goroshevsky, head of technology at TON Labs, a startup working on open telegram network deployment tools, said in a comment that it would be harder to block the network than messengers. He further added:

Even if an iron curtain is pulled and all channels of communication with the outside world are cut off, there is still a 1% chance of blocking it. Only once again does Roskomadza’s reputation go away.

In another part of his talk, he said that in the Cold War hot fire, people could listen to American radio with home-made transistors.

To disrupt network performance, you need to target more than 30% of its credentials. However, according to Goroshevsky, most of these credentials are outside Russia.

The lack of major Internet service providers such as Google and Amazon in Russia has made it easy to block the activity of providers of such services, which has led to the lack of interest in credentials.

Russia, meanwhile, has been testing its national Internet for the past two months.


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