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pullback stretegy


Crypto signal

💡- Specifies the best entry-exit points for the spot market for cryptos.

  • We recommend the traders to invest maximum up to 5% of their spare capital


💎 – This strategy is based on technical analysis concept, price action, support and resistance, RSI and MAs.

  • As soon as the “#Expay24 “ signals in the VIP channel are published, traders can execute their trades or wait for the correction, until the price hits the pullback area and then enter the trade.
  • The weekly reports do not include the #pullback_strategy signals because the traders may trade those signals based on their personal preferences, money management, and risk management.
  • Due to the high risk of the futures market, our signals are only for the spot market.

⭕️ – Stop Loss: SL
We announce a specific point to exit the loss making trade, but due to the high fluctuations of the crypto market, there is a possibility of long shadow (wicks) and non-technical candlesticks, so we recommend the Soft stop-loss method to exit the trade with a loss.

Soft stop-loss:

For brokers, exchanges (on the trading platform) we do not specify the exit point with loss from the trade and we use manual methods for that.

🔵 – Take Profit: TP
After the start of the trade, divide the investment made in that trade by the number of TPs and specify for the exchange broker (on the trading platform) to settle a part of the investment with profit when the price reaches each TP (Exit the trade with profit)

We have three thousand units of “X”

If there are three TPs in the signal, specify for the broker to sell one thousand x when the price reaches each TP.

💠 – All the signals and analysis in the VIP channel will be updated whenever the market conditions have changed.
💠 – Based on money management and risk management Expay24 recommends traders to share their investment capital into most amounts of trades to obtain minimum loss and maximum profit.
💠 – Due to the high risk of the Future markets our signals are only for the Spot market however you may use them for the future markets as a personal choice.

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