Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Breaking News DogeCoin Today 30April

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell shared his thoughts on #dogecoin and GameStop shares. Summary of important news: At a news conference on April 28, in response to a question from a Yahoo Finance reporter as to whether Dogecoin or GameStop stocks had peaked due to the central bank’s negligent …

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how Bitcoin gets its attention after the CoronaVirus

After several stormy weeks in world markets, things have gotten a little better. Even though the storms are causing havoc, everything becomes clearer and clearer than ever after the weather has cooled down. Noelle Acheson, an expert analyst, and research director at CoinDisk, recently published an article examining the status of different …

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Crypto news 20 March

Ripple’s partnership with a Thai company to accelerate international payments-13:01 DeeMoney, a Thai company operating in Fintech, became the first non-bank financial institution in the country to use  Blockchain Technology to facilitate the immediate transfer of money to 300 financial institutions worldwide. The partnership between the two companies will allow all …

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petro Venezuela's cryptocurrency

Petro Crypto Oil Prices

Venezuela’s digital currency, Petro, seems to be a stable digital currency that should support oil and other staples. But among traders, the reality is something else. Petro prices did not fall with the fall in oil prices! Six days ago, March 9, which became known as “Black Monday”, all the financial markets of the …

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crypto market

3 Major Positives From The Crypto Market Meltdown

On Thursday’s historic crash, things were not negative for investors and traders in various markets. Bitcoin recorded the biggest daily decline in its history by half its decline; however, the first financial crisis in Bitcoin’s life was successful. But with less than two months left to Hawking, what impact will this price …

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red cross

Italian red cross accepting crypto

The Italian Red Cross and the Albanian Committee of Colli Albani are collecting donations in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to counter the spread of the Coronavirus. The news was announced Thursday, according to the Cointelegraph. The Italian Red Cross is set to use aid from Helperbit to raise funds for new drugs to …

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Consensus 2020 Virtual

Due to the dangers of the spread of the Coronavirus, the “Consensus 2020″ event, the largest annual blockchain, and digital currencies are being held online. Coindesk website, as the host of this year’s big event in New York, announced that unlike every year’s event, this year’s event will not be …

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