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Bitcoin cash

What Is Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin |What is Bitcoin Cash? The Bitcoin Cash developers answer the question of “what is Bitcoin Cash” this way: Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer e-money for the internet. This money is completely decentralized and has no central bank and no intermediaries needed to exchange it. This definition …

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The Different Categories Of Cryptocurrency

The term “Cryptocurrency” can be misleading in many ways and does not properly portray the technological, structural, and motivational differences between different coins. Cryptocurrencies The term “Cryptocurrency” refers to the characteristics of some coins, such as “value-added tools” and “wealth exchanges.” But it is not capable of recording and expressing “features”, …

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Bitcoin Halving A Beginners Guide

What is halving Bitcoin and What Does It Mean? When does it happen? How does it affect the value of bitcoin? In this post, we will answer these questions in an easy way with an article from the 99bitcoins website. Summary of halving Bitcoin On average, every four years (after 210000 blocks in bitcoin …

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LocalBitcoins Review

There are many sites that offer digital currency trading services. One of the most popular in the field for a long time is the LocalBitcoins site. Digital currency sellers and buyers from all over the world can sign up and trade their bitcoins on this site. In this post, we will teach …

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How Market Manipulation Works

The manipulation of the digital currency market has been a charge that has always been true or false in every sharp rise or fall. In this article, selected from the coinDesk site, we will discuss how to manipulate the digital currency market in one of the most recent examples of bitstream and bitmap exchanges. On May …

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How The Next 10 Years Of Blockchain Can Change Lives

  When it comes to blockchain technology in China , the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin . Bitcoin was the world’s first digital currency, and a decade ago, with the new innovations and applications it introduced to the banking and payments industry, it surprised the world. At that time the Genesis Bitcoin block was successfully …

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How Uses Cases Can Revolutionize Crypto

In recent years, the use of crypto currencies and China’s currency has become more and more common in everyday life. Increasing these applications will, on the one hand, make these technologies more popular and, on the other hand, more recognizable. On the other side of the coin, there are many applications that can …

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