Monday 18 October 2021
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Bitcoin cash

What Is Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin |What is Bitcoin Cash? The Bitcoin Cash developers answer the question of “what is Bitcoin Cash” this way: Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer e-money for the internet. This money is completely decentralized and has no central bank and no intermediaries needed to exchange it. This definition …

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An Overview Of Ico Sale Models

We’ve talked about ICOs before, which are essentially the same product investors buy after entering an initial coin offering (ICO). In general, tokens can be divided into two categories: The first batch, known as equity tokens, are sold to investors as part of a startup stock, thus contributing to the company’s …

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consensus algorithms

review of all consensus algorithm in Cryptocurrencies

In the background of every great and successful Cryptocurrency, an extraordinary consensus algorithm is running. No algorithm is straightforward, but each has its own strengths. In the world of Cryptocurrencies, consensus algorithms have emerged to prevent attacks such as ‘double spending’. In this article, we will look at the most popular algorithms that …

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crypto exchange

What is a Cryptocurrency exchange and how does it work

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most important part of this large market. In this short article, we have tried to explain briefly how Cryptocurrency exchanges work and work without additional details. How Do Cryptocurrency Exchanges Work? Cryptocurrency exchanges are a virtual place to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. The price and price of Cryptocurrency …

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white paper

What is White Paper

White Paper, used in the Persian word for “white papers” and in English for “accurate and comprehensive reporting” or “official government reporting”; these days are also used in the world of Cryptocurrency and coin launching (ICO). There are many; in this article, we will try to further explore the term. According to …

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