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The Simpsons Predict Again

The Simpsons Predict Again; CryptoCurrencies Are Future Money!

In one of the recent episodes of the Simpsons animated series, we saw Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory series. Parsons was here as a guest actor explaining how the blockchain and digital currencies work.

According to the Cointelegraph, this part was full of complex terms and conversations, and in part, it was predicted that digital currencies would be the future money.


“Every day I get closer to becoming future cash. Not the cash in your wallet, I’m in your computer.”


At the end of Jim’s talk, a message appears on the screen explaining how digital currencies work. Part of this message, in the language of digital currency, reads:


 “The frequent use of the word “cryptocurrency” on the one hand and the definition of the word on the other makes our understanding of digital currencies such as that of a beginner. [But] this is just digital currency in general. In the system of such currencies, there are laws for the production and creation of more units. They can be created like traditional Fiat currencies, randomly assigned to their production, or even donated all at once to Lebron (a character from the Simpsons series).”


Broadcasting this episode has generated widespread reactions in cyberspace. Altcoin Daily wrote:


“The Simpsons succeeded. [Concept] Digital currencies were taught to Lisa by the great Jimmy Parsons. [Digital Currency] is Future Money; Ascending!”


Other reactions related to the predictions of the Simpsons animation that have so far become true. These predictions include Donald Trump’s presidency and the last episode of Game of Thrones series.

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