Wednesday 19 January 2022
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Trump signs $2 trillion injection plan to counter CoronaVirus effects

US President Donald Trump seeks to reduce the devastating effects of the Coronavirus epidemic on the US economy by signing a $ 2 trillion stimulus bill.

The bill comes days after the Senate and White House representatives reached an agreement on its drafting, according to theblockcrypto. The US White House has already announced its approval.

The bill, with an estimated financial burden of $ 2.2 trillion, is the most expensive financial incentive scheme in modern American history.

The bill, known as the Relief & Economic Security Act, includes measures to protect individuals and legal entities affected by the Corona epidemic. The plan is aimed at boosting unemployment, paying for households, and providing $ 500 billion to affected industries. Unsurprisingly, the bill had already received criticism from both the Democratic and Republican parties, which eventually drew their approval.

Trump tweeted about the bill:

The $ 2.2 trillion bill is set to provide immediate relief to households, workers and businesses.

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