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What is the Coin Base

What is the Coin Base? | Does Coin Base collaborate with Google?

Do you know what Coin Base is and where it is used? This is the question many users who are unfamiliar with the world of digital currency ask. There are now a lot of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. But what is the coin base? For more information about coin base use and whether or not Coin Base is partnering with Google, follow this article.


What is the Coin Base

Coinbase has been a trading platform from the beginning, aiming to create a complete and secure space to facilitate the storage, payment, and transfer of digital currencies. Coinbase also has some drawbacks, especially in recent exchanges that have put a lot of altcoins on its digital currency list.

CoinBase history

As of 2018, Coin Base was limited to several digital currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Classical Ethereum, and Litecoin. This meant that the coin base license and its related laws and regulations were only able to index and use a limited list of digital currencies that met very specific criteria. So in 2018, the Coin base team felt the need to expand the market and more investors. After careful revision and changing policies and positions, the coin base has finally announced that it will include several altcoins on its list.

CoinBase currencies

By the middle of last year, they upgraded their listing and included currencies such as XRP, XLM, and BAT. Thanks to these advances and innovations, Coin Base has witnessed great success and achievement over the years.


What’s next for Coin Base

Many believe that the next step in the coin base is to integrate with large corporations to help attract audiences. If a big company like Google is behind Coin Base, more and more people will trust the coin base. But Coin Base can’t exactly offer this to Google, but they must provide a good reason for Google to participate. Of course, that’s just our guess at Coin Base’s partnership with Google, Apple, or any of the big tech companies.

Coi Base announced

In late 2018, Coin Base announced that its users will be able to store their private keys on the Google Drive cloud and iCloud. The move was met with mixed reactions from cryptocurrency associations and cybersecurity experts, some of whom doubted the idea of ​​private key storage on centralized servers. Your private key is the password to your coinbase assets. If you lose your private key, you will no longer be able to access any of the assets stored in your coinbase wallet or other secure digital currency wallets.

private key

 On the other hand, remembering private passwords is a difficult task, so having the ability to back up a private key in an encrypted service like Google Drive is a very exciting idea; as an investor remember you can use Google Drive safely because this cloud storage operates a two-step authentication. Coinbase cites the risk of losing private keys as its primary justification for using Google Drive and Apple iCloud. Coin Base also stated that people simply cannot create a password with enough entropy and do not always use unique passwords for each service.

mobile device

And also the private key generated and stored on your mobile device is the only way to access your funds in the blockchain. Owners of wallets like CoinBase sometimes lose their password, so they will lose their funds forever. However, using Google Drive and Apple iCloud is not proof that the coinbase collaborates with any of these companies. This is simply because users have access to their Coin Base wallet and remember their private key.

We hope this will start a new move towards the use of newer and more cutting-edge technologies, perhaps following the Google / Coinbase collaboration.


CoinBase is looking to add 8 digital currencies to its currency

Coinbase Currency exchanger announced that it may support eight new tokens soon.

According to Coin Desk, the CoinBase Currency Exchanger has considered eight digital currencies of Alogrand, Cosmos, Dash, Decred, Matic, Harmony, Ontology and Waves to add to their list.

The currencies currently available on the Coinbase are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC), Ethereum Classic, USD Coin, Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), ZEC, Zero X (0X), Litecoin (LTC) and Basic Attention Coin (BAT).

This announcement has been released in the wake of the new Token Addition guidelines last September.

Managing director of Coin Base wrote on the blog:

As the number of announcements for the new token will increase, we will announce the addition of new assets only on or near the time they are publicly released on one or more of the coinbase products (platforms).

The meaning of the sentence above is that the probability of adding any of the products listed is very high. It is said that CoinBase is currently testing these products based on its criteria and hopes to be able to add about 5% of the market coins to its platform in the future.

The company’s guidelines for customers, developers, and CoinBase itself will bring useful changes. However, these coins may only be available in some countries even if listed. According to Quinn Base, these coins will be judged on a case-by-case basis.


CoinBase currency exchanger supports Tezos

Coinbase Pro enables Tezos to be exchanged on its platform. It is a digital currency swindle with a stock-proof protocol that uses democratic sovereignty to determine its policies.

Tezos (XTZ), released in September 2018, allows users to participate in network updates and decisions through on-chain voting, according to Coin Desk. However, in March, the time of adding Tezos to the coin base custody service, there were widespread protests by dissenters for borrowing token holders.

Before activating the buy and sell, Coin Base Pro is required to make sufficient reserves for bitcoin and US dollar and Tezos exchange pairs.

The company statement reads:

As soon as you have enough platform savings, XTZ will exchange dollars and XTZ with bitcoin in several phases. The first step will only see the input transfers, and once the assurances of the functions are assured, we begin the full exchange cycle.

Just like the trends in other digital currencies and its entry into the platform, the release of Coins on the Coin Base also requires several different sections before it can fully enter the trading cycle.

The first stage, titled “Unique Transfer”, is where only coins are allowed to enter the platform. Upon receipt of a sufficient amount of Tezos’s reserves, the platform will enter a one-minute stage entitled “Send Only”. At this point, users can submit limited orders that remain unfinished. In the third stage, called “Limited to Limited Orders”, the orders registered in the previous step will find their proper pair, but users will not be able to register market orders.

Upon completion of these steps, a full exchange will take place on the platform. Keep in mind that Tezos will not be available to users on the original Coin Base currency exchange. In 2017, Digital Currency was able to raise $ 232 million with its initial coin offering, one of the largest funds invested in digital currencies in history.

Previously, Coin Base Pro announced the possibility of exchanging with (Chainlink) on its platform, and the company hopes to add more digital assets soon.


Final Words

As mentioned above, the coin base is a trading platform used for transferring, payment and storage of digital currencies. If you are willing to exchange, cash, sell or buy cryptocurrency, give us a call. Expay 24 provides a wide variety of currency services including exchanging bitcoin to WebMoney, bitcoin to PayPal, bitcoin to iTunes, bitcoin to master card, also Ether and Ethereum services and many others. Expay24 can help you make your purchases and sale, fast and secure.

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