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What is White Paper

White Paper, used in the Persian word for “white papers” and in English for “accurate and comprehensive reporting” or “official government reporting”; these days are also used in the world of Cryptocurrency and coin launching (ICO). There are many; in this article, we will try to further explore the term.

According to Gordon Graham, a specialist in business models, White Pepper is a convincing article that uses facts and logic to provide a specific solution to a particular problem.

White paper is sales and marketing documents that are used to attract potential customers and also contain information about product purchasing, service, technology, or methodology. These papers are provided for pre-sale marketing or product design tools. Note that in these papers, such as product manuals, there is no technical information for their use to provide support.

White Pepper is presented for the decision and future of customers to introduce a specific product, technology, service, or methodology [to solve a problem]. Many of these papers are offered for agency-to-business model marketing, such as manufacturer and wholesaler or wholesaler and retailer. Most white paper is great at persuading companies (for a product or technology) or solving a business problem or rooting it out.

There are three main types of whitepaper associated with the enterprise-to-business marketing model. The first type is the background that describes the technical characteristics of the project; the second type is the numbered list that points to the plan; / Solution, which introduces an improved solution for mainstream businesses facing a technical challenge.

White Pepper differs from brochures and marketing catalogs

What is White Paper?

White Peppers are different from brochures and catalogs, while these items are luxurious and glamorous, with clearly visible promotional content, but white papers to persuade and provide real evidence to solve an It’s a problem or a challenge. In general, a whipper has about 2,500 academic-style words.

Governments use white papers to present policies, legislation and measure the public reaction.

An example of a white pepper

Here are some titles from Microsoft Azure Whitepaper, a cloud computing platform under Microsoft Corporation:

What is White Paper?

“Training and Orientation Agent for IT Companies”, Reviewing Support and Improvement for Azure Users “,” Cloud Skills and its Impact on the Organization “

All of these articles are publicly available on the Microsoft site and focus on aspects of Microsoft Azure cloud services.

As you can see, these headlines are different from brochure ads; white peppers have a low advertising side and focus more on issues such as cloud computing security, hybrid clouds, and the economic benefits of using cloud computing. By reading these articles, potential customers better understand the use of Azure in the larger cloud computing ecosystem.

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