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Which Cryptocurrency Should Be Watched Closely In 2020

Bitcoin has been recognized as the king of Cryptocurrencies, whether or not it is the main member of the Cryptocurrency family, but this should not prevent other currencies from being known as the “Altcoins “.

In his article, Cointelegraph discusses the views of Cryptocurrency experts on the penis. Interestingly, many experts point to national Cryptocurrency, and in particular the Cryptocurrency.

Which pens do the pundits follow?

Ethereum? Tezos? IAS? National Cryptocurrency? Or maybe Libra? Which pen should we look at in the Year 2020? The following is a summary of the views of celebrities in the field of Cryptocurrency in relation to the pen Coins to see which one of the market Coins they follow.

Paolo Ardoino

Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer of BitFinance

In addition to Bitcoin, I follow Ether, Tether, Monero, Tezos, Algorand, and many other tokens listed in BitFinance. It is very important to keep up with the latest developments.

Marc P.Bernegger

Mark P. Marc P.Bernegger, Fintech investor in Crypto Finance

I follow Libra’s progress closely, though its basic idea will probably never be implemented [and the legislative conditions will change that]. The progress Libra has made is crucial for the entire crypto industry.

Except for Libera, some of the peninsulas whose founding team is great and doing well are also interesting to me. Their potential for the future is very high.

If you remember, Amazon’s stock fell 96% after the .com bubble, and has been one of the most successful companies in the world ever since.

Sebastian Borget

Sebastian Borget, co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox

We are keenly following up on new computer games that work with China’s blockchain technology as well as the sale of nonfungible tokens.

Of course, we also follow the latest Libra news, China’s blockchain activities with the Digital Yuan, DeFi’s with Token Dai’s (Defi) and how decentralization laws are more consistent.

Paul Brody

Paul Brody, Ernst & Young, Blockchain Director, Ernst & Young

I follow the ether, but mostly to see if the ecosystem is still healthy. High prices make creative people run away and low prices make them discouraged. Although blockchain is actually designed to provide us with digital scarcity, it is far from its true potential. Hopefully, in the future we can use this technology in many different areas.

David Chaum

۵. David Chaum, founder of Elksir

There are a lot of talented teams that are trying to solve very important issues. To be honest, my focus this year has been on creating the XX Network Team and its blockchain. We’re really excited about the opportunities available through XX Network and its currency next year!

Virginia Cram-Martos

Virginia Cram-Martos, Triangularity CEO

I follow the ether and the possibility of national Cryptocurrency.

Eric Crown

Eric Crown, Wall Street trader

I think it is quite clear that, except for a few exceptions, if bitcoin does not grow, none of the other peninsulas will grow in this market. In fact, sometimes even when bitcoin prices go up, others will not see a price increase. So in my opinion, if you are looking for Cryptocurrency other than bitcoin, you should know that its movements will depend on bitcoin prices. If things are not going well in Year 2020, which is unlikely to happen, I can say that I would not give the exception of a few exceptions to other instruments. Most do not act independently of bitcoin.

John deVadoss

John deVadoss, Neo Development Officer

I’m tracking Neo and I’m also looking for national Cryptocurrencies. I believe that we will face a wave of pioneering innovations on the one hand and short-sighted regulatory barriers on the other. These two form the foundations of the crypto industry.

Daniel Diemers

Daniel Diemers, Director of Blockchain PdC (PwC)

My job as the Blockchain Manager for the EMEA Project requires me to pursue many currencies and tokens in addition to Bitcoin. I think that’s what makes the ecosystem so diverse and interesting. Whether you’re ambitious or dreamy, or just for some practical applications. Either way, you can achieve these goals with the blockchain alongside the crypto community. One of the important trends I anticipate is the expanding use of Cryptocurrency lending. This is quite natural in classical capital markets, but it does not make much sense in the Cryptocurrency area where the HODL thinking is prevalent. However, if more efficient transfers to more liquid markets take place and the participation and presence of traditional banks and wealth managers in Cryptocurrency increases, we will see this trend expand in the year 2020. I believe that this year there will be a very big and interesting battle between Cryptocurrency released by the Central Bank of China, current Cryptocurrencies, privacy-centric Cryptocurrencies (such as Monero), ecosystem tokens such as Libera, stable coins, and Security tokens. Security tokens will occur. I’m really excited to see this battle.

Tim Draper

Tim Draper, venture capitalist

Apart from Bitcoin, I will probably follow Tesoz, as his team has made tremendous progress. Everything is going well for them, and there are a lot of high-profile engineers working with Tesoz with interest. I think the pursuit of this Cryptocurrency is really exciting.


Wasabi, Managing Director Adam Ficsor

I was already following some of these projects carefully, but I was tired of wasting my time. If anyone has offered something valuable, I probably haven’t noticed it. I hope so.

Joshua Frank

Joshua Frank, CEO of TIE

I focus more on bitcoin because I strongly believe that if bitcoin fails, other Cryptocurrencies will not succeed in the market. Although I don’t think the development of in-house token platforms as fast-paced, 24-hour payment mechanisms at the world’s biggest banks could accelerate the crypto market uptick, I’m interested in pursuing it.

Mati Greenspan

Mati Greenspan, founder of Quantum Economics

Although the central bank’s innovations in Cryptocurrency do not benefit half the investors, they are certainly worth pursuing. Of course, China is a pioneer in this regard and we expect to see the launch of the digital yuan in the first half of this year. Europe is probably going to be the second, and we can expect the digital euro to come out in the year 2020. There are still doubts about Libra.

However, for Cryptocurrency traders, the war between platforms that work on decentralized public applications is more interesting because they compete for market positioning and market share.

Helen Hai

Helen Hai, president of the Biennial Charitable Foundation

I follow national Cryptocurrencies.

Arthur Hayes

Bitmax CEO Arthur Hayes

I [other than bitcoin] pursue other Coins just for the sake of being attractive and just out of curiosity.

Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech, YouTube

Tesoz and Cardano. We will soon be adding programming courses for these two platforms on my YouTube page titled “Ivan on Tech Academy” for next year. Both of these currencies have made tremendous progress so far!

Sasha Ivanov

Sasha Ivanov, founder and CEO of Waves

I don’t follow any of the Coins, I would rather follow the whole market. I think this year the market is generally less dependent on bitcoin.

Christoph Iwaniez

Christoph Iwaniez Chief Financial Officer of Bitwala

We believe in ETH because Ethereum offers a wide range of new features, especially in the context of decentralized economic projects. We are following the Ethereum community with interest-based projects like MakerDAO.

John Jefferies

John Jefferies, Chief Financial Analyst at CipherTrace

I track Libra, Digital Yuan, Rial Crypto, Ether, binance coin, IAS, Ripple, and Tether. In addition, I have been closely monitoring privacy coins, including Monero, Zcash, Desh, bitcoin projects such as Snowball, Lighting, Decred, Aztec Ethereum Protocol, Grin, Beam, and litecoin.

Orbs co-founder Tal Kol

Orbs co-founder Tal Kol

 I like to keep track of those who deal with everyday issues. I especially hope to see the use of Blockchain in the election of 2020.

Sanja Kon

Sanja Kon, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Utrust

Certainly, I follow closely, with the exception of Bitcoin, UTK, Ether, and a number of high-volume coins. This year’s utility platform has embraced both DB and DISH, two of the best Cryptocurrencies for payments and e-commerce. These two are the coins that I’m really excited to pursue and see how they progress in the Year 2020. With thousands of options on the Coinmarketcap list, it’s impossible to follow all the coins, but I love getting to know new projects and keeping up to date with market moves.

Jonathan Levin

Jonathan Levin, Co-Founder and Senior Director of China Security Alanis (Chainalysis)

Libra is interesting because of its achievements and potential, so we’ll be following it carefully. We will also continue to explore innovation competitions, research articles, and proof-of-concept of Cryptocurrencies published by the government.

Evan Luthra

Evan Luthra, technology entrepreneur and founder of Startup Studio (StartupStudio.online) and Ayoko (iyoko.io)

The leading currency at present is the digital yuan. Given China’s pioneering role in the global economy, the success of the digital yuan will be an important step in changing the financial system. Chinese authorities are heavily incorporating many modern technologies into the lives of their citizens. So one can expect the digital yuan to spread at least within China as fast as the Chinese government plans.

For other countries, the year 2020 should be the year of national Cryptocurrency issuance. But most likely they will be ready after the launch of the Chinese yuan.

I’m not a trader, but I’ll keep track of the things I’ve just invested in, including Vid.Camera, GLBrain, Dreamer.app and a few others.

Alex Mashinsky

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network

I love Ether, IAS and (CEL). There are many interesting tokens, but the question is whether they really benefit the user? I think the tokens I mentioned and the defensive projects that prioritize their users will make good progress in about 10 years.


John McAfee, Technology Entrepreneur

I’m following my Token, Whackd. Token is the token of tokens. We know that about 10% of any transaction (at any amount) is transferred to a place that is not owned by anyone. A transaction of any of 1000, no matter how much you care about it or how much it contains, can be completely destroyed and it looks like you have a fatal blow (literally, someone means That has suffered a severe blow). Statistically, this may happen to one in every 1000 people. But now we have Token Whackd. If you like to play in the real world, buy Whackd. Otherwise rest assured that you will lose everything you currently have. This is my forecast for year 2020.

Nicholas Merten

Nicholas Merten, founder of YouTube channel Data Desh

I’m really curious to see if central banks can create their own Cryptocurrencies. These currencies are essentially the same dollars that are created on the public blockchain such as Ethereum. The success of central banks in this work indicates that Crypto will remain and banks do not intend to ignore it. The European Central Bank seems to be trying to stand above all in this regard.

Diogo Monica

Diogo Monica, co-founder, and president of Anchorage

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have found significant use as a value reserve, but the world is still waiting for Cryptocurrency to achieve wide acceptance as a tool of exchange. As a key member of the Libra community and responsible for supporting assets that meet our quality and security standards, we look forward to launching many of the Cryptocurrencies planned for the year 2020.

Samson Mow

Samson Mow, Chief Marketing Officer of Blockstream

I’ve been following Libra this year because it was a spectacular failure. I also find national tokens interesting because they can compete with stable coins, depending on the design they have.

Niklas Nikolajsen

Niklas Nikolajsen, President and Founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG

In my opinion, the most important protocol we need to follow is Ethereum 2.0 (and partly Ethereum 1.0). Also, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) now in the field, telegram/ton (TON) progress will be interesting. Libra and digital yuan are also worth pursuing, but it is best to keep up with the extraordinary innovation of being a Cryptocurrency and aiming to become digital cash payment systems.

Other than that, Tesoz, who made great progress in the year 2019, and other blockchains like Cardano, Aeternity, and Polkadot, are also worth checking out. In the year 2020, it will probably be clear which blockchains and digital assets will last and which ones will disappear.

Kim Nilsson

Kim Nilsson, WizSec Blockchain Researcher

So far no currency has interested me more than bitcoin. First of all, because most of the coins are scams. Second, even projects that are at least trying to deliver something interesting are usually failing or inexperienced and can never be decentralized to good bitcoin. Real and practical decentralization was the new feature that Bitcoin offered us, unlike many previous failed attempts to create Cryptocurrencies, and therefore remains the gold standard of decentralization to this day. Why would anyone try to provide another version of it? It’s just like discovering a drug to treat cancer. After a while, competitors are marketing another version of the drug. A different drug that is only partially useful in treating cancer, but the rest contains vitamin-C and fruit flavors. The patient is distracted by these worthless differences and does not understand the main point.

Zac Prince

Zac Prince, CEO of Block WiFi

The Stable Coins, Libra and other counterparts, such as Pax Gold.

Trader Alessio

Trader Alessio Rastani

I’m following Neo. I have heard from some major bitcoin traders as well as some of its investors that Neo is a Chinese Cryptocurrency that could potentially improve in the next few years. Of course, it’s their opinion, not me, but I’m looking to see what happens.

Phillip Sandner

Phillip Sandner, Head of the Frankfurt School Block Center, China

The number I follow is not high:

2) The tokens we are currently using: Ether and Basic Attention Token.

2) Tokens that may be very important but not yet implemented: Euro Digital,yuan Digital, Digital Dollar, Libra.

Influencer Robert Schwertner

Influencer Robert Schwertner

In the year 2020 I will review the following projects:

I really like Token BAT! Brave is a fun browser I use every day. Chrome is for 2017, but Bruy is for the future! Think about it, get a token for surfing the internet! It’s interesting, isn’t it?

The link is awesome too.

All the projects listed on the Samsung Galaxy Wallet are exciting as well, for example, I can mention Enjin.

Ethereum is also worth it. In the year 2020, many startups will work with this blockchain, which will further expand Ethereum and increase its value.

In addition, I regularly monitor the ranking of crypto projects that China provides:

In its latest rankings on 2019 December 5, IAS was ranked first. IAS seems to be improving again, with its modifiable smart contracts being very useful to developers. Ethereum is a serious competitor, but it still ranks second in Chinese valuation.

Cosmos or ATOM is also very interesting, and this network, which consists of a large number of Blockchain, can solve the problem of scalability.

Danny Scott

Danny Scott, CoinCorner CEO

I’m always looking for new developments in existing coins or new coins in general. Libra has definitely attracted people’s attention, and I have predicted in one of my articles on Medium that Libra will probably never launch.

Lex Sokolin

Lex Sokolin, one of the global fintech executives at ConsenSys

The most interesting thing to me that is worth pursuing is the use of programmable chin blockchain for software design. While assets such as Bitcoin and other goods in cyberspace tell compelling economic stories, they do not say much about how these economies will be created and implemented in the future. In this regard, we can see a number of function calls that developers have written using decentralized applications, such as Alethio software.

Do people use these to transfer and pay money to each other? Are digital tokens collectible or are they trading certain assets? Maybe they use them for secret work? However, it is very interesting to check the chains and the activities that people choose to access unlicensed software. Just like watching a giant clockwork inside its components. Its wheels are loud throughout the night. The higher the gear, the louder the sound. Likewise, the greater the number of assets and the ability to combine them in cyberspace, the more telling the story is.

Decentralized finance, and projects such as Mirkado, Compound, Set Protocol, Uniswap, and others, illustrate what the future of financial systems will look like. We don’t need to think about the financial software written in the chain, because it’s already designed. For me, the applications I mentioned and the second-tier solutions are the most compelling things that are embedded in modern financial technologies. Those interested in the future of finance must first understand these solutions and then evaluate them through innovations such as the DeFi Score in the Codefi project in terms of risk and protocol performance.

(Explanation: This is the product codex project of the Canensis software company that helps people evaluate the risk of unlicensed lending platforms using Score Definition.)

Ulli Spankowski

Ulli Spankowski, Chief Digital Officer at Boerse Stuttgart

We examine them from a variety of perspectives, including market acceptance, regulatory structure, protocol design, and the extent to which developers are responsive. In addition, our tax status and classification are important to us whether they are payment tokens, utility tokens or security tokens.

Alex Tapscott

Alex Tapscott, co-founder of Blockchain Research Institute

The project I’m most interested in is Casmas with the ATOM symbol, though I hope people don’t see it as an investment recommendation. The ATOM token is for the cosmos network. The Cummings project was launched autonomously and held a small fundraising event in the year 2017. It has since become one of the largest organic communities. I think what’s really interesting about these protocols is that some of the fundraisers have been able to spend a lot of money to attract people to the platform. But the more successful are the ones who have done it naturally and it is their technology or mission that has attracted people. We saw this in Ethereum in the year 2015-2017, and now we see it in the cosmos. I think the process will accelerate rapidly. If you look at the cosmos landing page, you can see dozens of interesting and real projects that are useful. In my book, I have written about my research on ATOMs.

Alexandra Tinsman

Alexandra Tinsman, NEM Foundation Vice President

I’m looking for coins offered by industry leaders, including Binance. What they offer is the opposite of decentralized projects like Bitcoin and Nam. I’m also interested in projects based in China and expect them to grow well over the next year or two. I also monitor the Decred carefully to see how it goes. Apart from these, the Ethereum Sharding approach is also worth following in my opinion. I’m also interested in Cryptocurrencies made in Japanese currency exchanges. The Japanese community is very smart about crypto.

John Todaro

John Todaro, Managing Director of TradeBlock

I’m looking for pens that are very marketable. For example, I can mention Ether, which focuses on privacy such as Zcash, Monero, and coins such as Tesoz and cosmos that use stocking. In addition, the coin island is important to me, including the Libra Project, Dai, the USDC coin island and so on.

Vladimir Tomko

Vladimir Tomko, co-founder, director and game developer at Blockchain Cuties Universe

coins that I will be following closely with Bitcoin include Tron (TRX), Ether, Neo, IAS, Enjine(ENJ), KLAY, MATIC, BAT and MANA with Libra and TON coming soon.

Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees, Managing Director of ShapeShift

Ether, IAS, ATOM, Binance Coin, Monero, Zcash, Meeker and of course our new Fox Token (FOX) which enables free trading in ShapeShift.

Whale Alert Twitter Account

Whale Alert Twitter Account

Since Will Alert comprises the largest blockchain in order to cover at least 99% of the total value of the blockchain transactions, we try to keep as much of the existing Coins and future ones as possible.

Alexander Zaidelson

Alexander Zaidelson, Director of Fear

I’m pursuing privacy enhancements and following Zcash, Monero, Grin, and of course Fear.

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